Jeremy Allen White says he will take field sobriety tests just so he can see his kids

Jeremy Allen White, known for his roles in Shameless and Bear, agreed to submit to a breathalyzer test as part of a custody agreement with his ex-wife, actress Addison Timlin. The custody agreement outlines strict measures intended to ensure Jeremy’s sobriety while he spends time with his two daughters, Ezer and Dolores. If he violates the terms by consuming alcohol, he could lose custody of his children.

According to legal documents recently obtained by TMZJeremy has consented to undergo breathalyzer testing up to five times a week when he has custody of his daughters. In the event of a positive alcohol test, Jeremy will lose custody immediately. However, the agreement also allows Jeremy to retake the test 15 minutes later to ensure the accuracy of the results.

The joint custody agreement indicates that Jeremy and Addison agreed to joint physical and legal custody of their children. Still, Jeremy’s custody time comes with strict conditions, including mandatory attendance at Alcoholics Anonymous meetings at least once a week. Additional therapy may also be required as part of your custody responsibilities.


Divorce proceedings between Jeremy Allen White and Addison Timlin began in May, marking the end of their three-year marriage. Despite their split, the former couple seemed friendly in August when they attended their sons’ soccer practice together. However, the divorce has not yet been finalized, leaving the former spouses with shared responsibilities for their daughters.

While the custody agreement reflects the challenges the couple faces during their divorce, Jeremy Allen White has already entered into a new relationship with model Ashley Moore. The couple was recently seen sharing a public display of affection, further indicating that they have moved on with their respective lives.

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Jeremy’s commitment to maintaining his sobriety as outlined in the custody agreement underscores his dedication to being a responsible father and ensuring a healthy environment for his children. As the legal process continues, Jeremy Allen White, Addison Timlin and their families navigate the complexities of co-parenting and the adjustments that come with the dissolution of a marriage.

The custody agreement highlights the importance of creating a stable and supportive atmosphere for children involved in a divorce. In this case, Jeremy and Addison’s commitment to their daughters’ well-being is evident as they work together to overcome the challenges of co-parenting during this transitional period in their lives.

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