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Communicating a threat by publishing the “Jane Doe” story on the Internet was one of the charges. It was therefore abandoned against Baker. The case against him was dismissed by Judge Avern Cohn for lack of evidence on June 21, 1995. It was claimed that he would actually make her fantasies come true.

Subsequently, on January 29, 1997, the Government appealed this decision. Additionally, the Sixth U.S. Court of Appeals upheld the lower court’s decision.


As a danger to the community, the investigating judge ordered his arrest. Additionally, the United States District Court upheld his arrest. For this reason, this Court ordered a psychological evaluation, upon his request for release on bail. Furthermore, when the assessment was concluded, it posed no threat to the community.

Ultimately, the court ordered Baker’s release. Free speech advocates claimed the government violated their First Amendment right. In addition, others defended the Government’s case by presenting their stories. Where it was said that his stories were trash and tobacco and that he intended to act accordingly.

Furthermore, he stated that his stories were created as a form of therapy. And he also said that Jake Baker could express his anger in a legal and “harmless” way. Hence he also claimed that he was role-playing in his emails to Gonda. And he added that he had no intention of acting on his fantasies. He was being watched by Internet defenders and it wasn’t just about obscenities and threats.

In addition, their stories were published in a wide medium, and since the Internet is a medium that transcends borders. He was later charged with communicating a threat over interstate lines. Therefore, it was a position that perhaps could not be sustained. This case is also said to have set a precedent for freedom of expression on the Internet.

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Jake Baker – Net Worth

There is no information available about the earnings and net worth of this criminal.

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