Is Shenina Cinnamon Dating Angga Yunanda? Dating History & Relationship Timeline

Dear David is an upcoming supernatural horror film starring Sheena Cinnamon. Fans searched for Shenine Cinnamon’s boyfriend as she rose to fame. Shenina Cinnamon is a force to be reckoned with. He can attract attention wherever he goes, and the aura he exudes often charms others.

Shenina Syawalita Cinnamon is an Indonesian actress who made her acting debut in the copier. She was also nominated for the Citra Award for Best Actress at the 2021 Indonesian Film Festival for her amazing performance in Photocopier. In addition to performing, the Jakarta native is also involved in modeling and is an influencer on social media. Read to the end of this article to know more about the actress’ personal life, including her boyfriend and love affairs.

Is Shenina Cinnamon boyfriend of Angga Yunanda?

Dear Davide, the upcoming American paranormal horror film starring Sheena Cinnamon, has been gaining traction lately. John McPhail directed the film based on Adam Ellis’ Twitter thread of the same name. Fans are quite enthusiastic about the debut of Dear David, since the film seems attractive to the public, and they also follow the everyday life of the actress, Shena.

Many people want to know who Cinnamon is dating because Shenina is stunning and always has a pleasant smile on her face. Shenina is happily dating fellow actress Angga Yunanda, which might break the hearts of many of her followers. Angga, the actress’ love, is an Indonesian actor and singer. He became famous by appearing in the soap operas The Mermaid in Love and The Shy Cat. Angga tried to join the music profession after becoming disillusioned with the acting industry.

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Additionally, Anga Yunanda and Shenina Cinnamon’s relationship became public in December 2020. Shenina Cinnamon celebrated Anga Yunanda’s birthday a few months after the news broke. Shenina wrote, “Happy birthday beautiful baby,” in May 2021. Anga Younanda, an actress, also recently posted a selfie while celebrating Eid. The lovely couple in the video is dressed in the same shade.

A look at Shenine Cinnamon and Angga Yunanda’s relationship history

Shenine Cinnamon and Angga Yunanda’s relationship rumors first surfaced in 2020. However, the two officially revealed their romance in 2021. On May 20, 2021, the couple went public with their relationship by posting pictures of themselves on social media, looking extremely gorgeous together . The pair also appeared together in the 2021 film Underage.

What’s more, the couple is still together in 2023, and their bond is getting stronger by the day. The couple is absolutely over love, which is evident from their constant posting of beautiful photos. Although the chronology of Shena and Anga’s relationship is unknown, we hope that their love will endure even in the worst of times.

Shenina Cinnamon

Shenina Cinnamon net worth

Actress Shenina Cinnamon gets most of her money from appearances in 2023. The actress must earn a lot of money since she is involved in so many acting ventures. Although Shen’s net worth is not publicly available, the Indonesian actress earns an average of $45,000 a year. As a result, her income must be within that range. Shenina is also quite active on social media platforms. As a result, she must be making a lot of money from various sponsorships and brand endorsements.

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Furthermore, the actor is the brand ambassador of M. by Moko Moko. M. by Moko Moko offers a range of health and beauty treatments. All in all, we can conclude that Shenine Cinnamon’s net worth is substantial. Wikilogy estimates her net worth at around $1.5 million. If this is true, the actress is living a luxurious life with her hard earned money.

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