Is Peter Porte single or married? Meet her husband Jacob Jules Villere!

Peter Porte is one of the romantic leads in the new Hallmark Channel movie. autumn notes and fans who saw him fall in love on screen are probably wondering if he’s with anyone in real life.

The 39-year-old falls for actor Luke Macfarlane in the new film, but in real life he is married to Jacob Jules Villere.

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Peter and Jacob married in October 2018 during a ceremony in the French Quarter in New Orleans.

Jacob is reported to be a banker and his locked Instagram account implies that he previously resided in New Orleans before moving to Los Angeles.

In addition to his work on the Hallmark Channel, Peter has been seen as Ricky Williams on The Young and the RestlessBrad and Tad in baby daddyand most recently as Dimitri Von Leuschner in days of our lives.

Be sure to learn more about Luke’s relationship status in real life too!

Check out some of Peter and Jacob’s Instagram photos below…

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