Inside the life of Kevin Quinn, a look at his Christian faith and his girlfriend

Kevin Quinn is an American actor who plays Will in the 2021 Netflix movie. a week away. Quinn honed her craft as a stage actress in Illinois before making her first television appearance when she was 15 on american idol. Despite displaying obvious musical talent, the teen didn’t get very far in the competition.

Quinn landed the role of Xander in bunk after playing minor roles in Shameless and chicago police. In 2016, Kevin played Zac Chase in the Disney movie. Adventures in child care.. In 2020, Quinn played a supporting role in the Adam Sandler film. my husband halloween.

This piece will look at the personal life of Kevin Quinn. It will examine his Christian faith and his love life.

Kevin revealed that working on a week away helped rekindle his Christian faith

Kevin Quinn was born on May 21, 1997 in Chicago to Tamara and Brian Quinn and grew up in Wilmette, Illinois. He grew up with his twin sister.

Quinn honed his skills as a musical theater actor at the Winnetka Children’s Theatre. After Kevin landed the role of him on the Disney Channel series Bunk’d, Tamara and Brian sold their Wilmette home and moved the family to California.

They moved to support Quinn on set and expose him to a wider range of acting opportunities. Quinn’s casting as Will in a week away It came at the right time for him professionally and personally. Since he left Bunk’d in 2017, Kevin had struggled to land a major role in a series or movie. Playing a leading role in a Netflix movie is sure to elevate his stock in Hollywood.

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Personally, the movie helped rekindle his faith. Quinn plays Will, a delinquent faced with the choice of going to juvenile detention or attending a Christian summer camp. Will chooses a Christian summer camp, and while he is there, he discovers faith and finds love. quinn said christian headlines that acting in a faith-based film strengthened his belief in Christianity:

“YA Week Away really brought me back to some of the things that were important in my life and made me realize how important faith was in my life. So A Week Away wasn’t just a catalyst for Will, it was a catalyst for me, like Kevin Quinn, to re-enter my faith.”

Quinn told the publication that she was going through an “existential crisis” that had shaken her faith. He said LA press pass who shunned the idea of ​​faith at age 20 when he asked questions about life and purpose. However, thanks to the movie, she rediscovered herself and she hopes everyone who sees it feels the same way. Quinn said:

“Around that time when I was struggling with that, may God step back and even through this shoot, and this movie coming into my life, yeah, I just hope the kids walk away with a little bit of faith and spirit. “

Kevin wrote the song keeping me awake as a Valentine’s Day tribute to his girlfriend Kalbe Paige

kevin quinn and kalbe paige

Kevin and Kalbe are rumored to have met and started dating on the set of a week away. Kalbe is a professional dancer and was part of the film’s core production team. She is credited as a dancer in keeping me awake.

In February 2020, Kevin told him Just Jared Jr.. that he was excited at the prospect of spending Valentine’s Day with his girlfriend. He told the publication that the couple had plans involving travel and couples’ massages. He also talked about the song. keeping me awake and the motivation behind it. He said:

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“Keeping Me Up is the perfect track for Valentine’s Day. With an unapologetic ’80s pop rock vibe and thoughtful lyrics about the thrill of newfound love… I’m delighted that we’ve finally met and can now share life’s moments together. This Valentine’s will be our way of celebrating that fact.”

Kalbe and Quinn post regular tributes to each other via Instagram. On February 2, 2020, Paige posted a photo of the pair on Instagram to celebrate Quinn’s participation in the Winter Jam Tour. “Very proud and excited for what’s to come,” she wrote. “You have a big piece of my heart. @kevingquinn.”

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