How To Make A DIY Portal Christmas Tree

For all the Valve fans out there, here’s how to put them together Web portal Christmas tree. Web portal put in the same world half life Originally packed as orange boxincluding other Valve games like half life 2. Despite its short duration, the game’s unique portal mechanics and addictive gameplay made it the highlight of the game. orange box For a lot.

The game’s plot hints a lot, including the backstory of the heroine Cher and the AI ​​villain GLaDOS. Praise for the original game quickly led to Portal 2on a larger scale, with vocal performances by Stephen Merchant and JK Simmons (crack). The sequel was also well received, but sadly the future of the series remains unknown. Valve has more or less moved away from game development to focus on Steam, which means Portal 3 – next to half human life 3 And remaining 4 dead 3 – probably won’t happen.

mechanics in Web portal Two different portals are created on board around the Aperture Science handheld portal device – aka portal gun -. Chell must use this ability to overcome various obstacles that GLaDOS has set up for her. The mechanic has also created some interesting images, and in 2011 some fans made the point of creating a Web portal Christmas tree. The illusion of this tree is that one end of the tree is stuck at the base of the orange gate, while the top protrudes from the blue gate. Just like any other DIY Christmas decorations die hard John McClane stuck in the vent, creating a new trend, here’s how to make it Web portal Christmas tree. Details can be found at Guide

First you will need the following:

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fake christmas tree

sticky hook

Two string lights (preferably blue and orange)


tin foil

Extension cord

fishing line

metal line

fake wreath (optional)

If hanging part of the tree from the ceiling, be sure to tie the branches down with fishing line.

Measure the wire diameters of both parts of the tree and tape together.

Cut two rings of tin foil and place behind the string lights to give the impression the door is open.

Use the adhesive hooks to secure the blue string lights to the ceiling. Make sure it is securely fastened and positioned for easy access to the power cord.

Use the adhesive hook to secure the top half to the center of the hoop. To further enhance the effect, fake garlands have been added to the ring to give the illusion of depth.

Stand on the bottom half of the tree.

any fan try Web portal To make your Christmas tree look seamless, it can take a few steps to get creative. If mounting the top to the ceiling is too difficult or impractical, it can also be mounted to the floor for ease. Make sure you decorate it to complete the effect, but if the top of the tree is on the ceiling, try to decorate it in light colors to avoid disproportionate.

this Web portal The Christmas tree takes a bit of work to assemble, but the effort is well worth it. For those who want to be more creative, add some Companion Block decorations to the tree,

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