Food Truck Chef: Cooking Game MOD APK (Unlimited Money) 8.26

Do you love cooking Food Truck Chef: Cooking Game is the game for such people. You can not only satisfy your own taste but also develop your own restaurant here. Based on his experience, players will now assign jobs to employees and manage them. Tacos, pies, pancakes, bagels, pretzels, dishes that you can’t sit still just thinking about are in this game. You are qualified to make the restaurant bigger. Attract more customers to become regular customers for sustainable income. Strictly speaking, Food Truck Chef also helps players become more talented traders.

Starting from Spaghetti Street, players need to develop this place and gradually realize the ambition of owning the entire food service chain. In the beginning, you will get acquainted with the basic recipe and a few guests. As a chef, I’ve had some customers walk away when they waited too long. Please serve so as not to offend customers, each of them only waits for you for a certain amount of time. If possible, cook some dishes before they satisfy your needs.

Download Food Truck Chef: Cooking Game MOD – Fun restaurant development on mobile

There are many cooking communities in Food Truck Chef: Cooking Game, but to own them you must be a competent person. BBQ, Tex Mex, Pizza, Baker’s, Sandwich, these are the communities that will be unlocked for the player as you reach the level. Each city has one player completing hundreds of levels. Get used to being busy and keep customers waiting for you as little time as possible. The warm service makes them come back next time. A cake, a cup of coffee is the beginning of the restaurant’s development. A special feature of Food Truck Chef: Cooking Game is the restaurant located right on the bus. Move like you are moving through each level and in no time you will have a prestigious brand.

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various dishes

According to the publisher, Food Truck Chef: Cooking Game has more than 700 different dishes. Making a lot of menu items for players is not an easy challenge. Discover world famous dishes and use it to serve your customers. The famous attractions you come across are all good. Venice, Paris, London, Boston, Dubai, Tokyo are all top attractions, take your gourmet bus.

service development

To scale up your restaurant and meet the growing needs of your customers, you need to upgrade your kitchen and ingredients. Sometimes customers buy food and drinks at the same time, without upgrading the player cannot serve it in time. If too many guests leave, you will not be able to complete the expected score. That will directly affect the bounty, which is what the development plan is supposed to do.

Fast Food Truck Chef Cooking MOD Download

Food Truck Chef: Cooking Game Every dish is a new challenge. If you are a food lover, try to find recipes for the whole dish. Food Truck Chef not only needs to be able to cook, but also requires players to manipulate skillfully. If you are slow, you may spoil the food and leave it behind. This causes waste, lost rework time, and impatient customers. Download Food Truck Chef: Cooking MOD MOD play the role of a mobile restaurant owner to serve your dear customers.

Download Food Truck Chef: Cooking Game MOD APK (Unlimited Money) Android

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