How To Get Locked Treasure Chests In Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak

To obtain locked chests in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak, hunters must order items in Argosy using a specific mechanism unlocked in MR4.

Locked chests are an extra material with a rarity of 8 Monster Hunter Rises: Sunbreak Used to forge a secret pirate-style armor set known as the Barbania set. While this item’s stats and skill effects aren’t as impressive as those of other main tier options, its pirate aesthetic alone makes it worth pursuing for the collection. This complete equipment. Thus, each of the four items in the Barbania Bộ Monster Hunter Rises It is necessary to forge at least one locked chest. However, since these chests cannot be obtained through hunting rewards, inscriptions or quests, hunters may be confused as to how to obtain this rare material. dawn.

Get a locked chest Monster Hunter Rises: Sunbreak, the hunter must order from Argosy. Argosy is a store-like feature that offers hunters a variety of trading options in exchange for Kamura Points. Additionally, players can send trade requests to their friends, where Palicos or Palamutes will collect specifically ordered items and can bring back many other valuables. The player can interact with Argosy by talking to Merchant Rondine at Buddy Plaza or Buddy Agent Nagi at Elgado Outpost.

However, locked chests are not just randomly obtained from the Argosy Trade Request Monster Hunter Rises: Sunbreak. Hunters must activate a specific mechanism called trading in the back room. When activated, a small scrolling icon will appear below your friend’s head in the trade request window. This mechanism allows companions to return with molten pudding, MP potions, or locked chests.

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Treasure chest locked on the farm in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak

Farm locked chest in MHR Sunbreak

Currently, no information is known about the trade request drop rate for locked chests during the Room Trade event. However, hunters are encouraged to use bargaining skills, such as blind haggling at level 40, which gives companions a higher chance of returning with rare items. However, the odds are random, so any non-guaranteed secret trading request will result in a locked chest. Also, keep in mind that the Trading in the back room is Monster Hunter Rises: Sunbreak Can only be used if the Hunter has reached the 4th Master.

Here are the materials needed to craft each part of the Barbanian set, including the locked chest dawn:

  • Barbanias Patch: Cactus Artifact × 1 | Hermitor’s Hard Claws × 2 | Monster Skeleton × 1 | Locked Chest × 2
  • Barbanian Vest: Giant Bones x 3 | Skeleton X 1 | Royal Claws x 2 | Locked treasure chest x 1
  • Barbanias Gloves: Aknosom Plume x 2 | Behemoth Bones x 3 | Skeleton X 1 | Locked Chest x 1
  • Barbanias Belt: Tetra Carapace Heavy Armor x 2 | Bone Twist x 2 | Skeleton X 2 | Locked Chest x 1
  • Barbanian Shoe: Raptor Piece x 2 | Overgrown hard bones x 2 | Skeleton X 2 | Locked treasure chest x 1

once the hunter is inside dawnthey will be able to craft Barbanian suits.

Monster Hunter Rises Available on PC and Nintendo Switch.

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