How Rich Is Pavel Antov? Net Worth, Career, Salary

Pavel Antov, the famous sausage tycoon, was recently found dead at the Sai International Hotel in Rayagada, Odisha. The incident happened during a trip to celebrate his 66th birthday. He died after falling from a third-floor window. According to the police officer, he may have committed suicide because he was so desperate over the death of his friend Vladimir Bidenov. Last week, Biden was also found dead in the same hotel. There is a theory that Pavel was killed by someone, because other Russian businessmen who criticized Vladimir Putin were killed in a similar way. The problem is considered from different perspectives, including the possibility of him accidentally falling from the roof.

The death of Russian tycoon Pavel Antov attracted attention because he was a critic of Putin. Pavel Antov, a Russian politician criticized Putin’s invasion of Ukraine. Not only the family but the authorities in India are also curious to find the answers behind the deaths of two Russians.

– TIME NOW (@TimesNow) December 28, 2022

Pavel Antov is the highest paid legislator in Russia.

Pavel Antov is the founder of the Vladimir Standard meat company and one of Russia’s leading producers of meat sausages. The company was founded in 2019. With a net worth of around £130 million, he is the richest state official in Russia, according to Forbes in 2019. Antov is a member of the Legislative Assembly of the Vladimir Oblast. . He is the chairman of the Committee on Agricultural Policy, Nature Management and Ecology of the Vladimir Region.

He took to social media to protest the Russo-Ukrainian war after a Russian missile attack on a residential area in Kiev left a 7-year-old child and her mother injured and killed her father. . The mother is said to have been rescued from the rubble by a crane. He described the whole ordeal as “scary”. The statement was shared on WhatsApp, but it was not well received by the public and Antov eventually deleted the post.

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On Antov’s birthday, Vladimir Bidenov appeared to have died from a heart attack.

Two days before Pavel Antov’s death, Vladimir Bidenov was found dead in the same hotel. On December 21, he checked into a hotel and was found in his room with bottles of wine around. He was taken to the hospital, where he was pronounced dead. He was cremated with the permission of Russian officials. Police Chief Rajesh Pandit said Biden may have died from an alcohol or drug overdose.

At the behest of Odisha DGP Sunil Kumar Bansal, CID-Crime Branch took over the investigation of both cases. Bansal said there was no evidence of foul play and an autopsy revealed an unusual death. After these events, the Russian embassy told NDTV that it was in contact with the families of Pavel Antov and Vladimir Budanov. They continued,

“As far as we know, authorities do not believe there is a criminal element to these horrific incidents.”

Pavel Antov

On December 21, Vladimir and Pavel were two of four people who checked into the motel. According to the hotel owner, the other two people have not yet left and the authorities are still waiting for documents from the Russian embassy. Vladimir was 62 years old when he died. Jitendra Singh, the tour guide, accompanies the entire tour group.

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