How Pokémon’s Negative Held Items Can Be Used To Your Advantage

one PokemonThe weirdest additions are keeping items that negatively affect the user, but even these can give players an advantage. At first glance, many players may think they are jokes or sell them for a small fee because they don’t see them as useful. However, these strange objects each have their own uses.

Most of the time, store items in Pokemon have a positive effect on the holder. For example, Olamberries heal 10 health, which is a pretty good number early in the game, but quickly becomes irrelevant as the Pokémon’s level and health increase. There are also other items that enhance a Pokémon’s moves, such as Charcoal, which strengthens fire-type moves. However, there are other items, such as the Iron Orb, that slow the user and remove ground immunity to flying and levitating types. Different from manufactured products Pokemon Combat is so easy that items like this are often completely demoted, but certain moves and abilities can make them useful.

Giving a negative item from a Pokémon to an opponent will transfer its effect

The items held are a popular image in the contest Pokemon combat and is often crucial to the user’s strategy. Ironically, the same applies to some of the worst items Pokemon. However, most players have no intention of slowing down their Pokémon with an Iron Ball or poisoning them with a Poison Ball. Instead, the purpose of bringing these items into combat is to create these effects on the opponent.

There are two actions, Switcheroo and Trick, that will exchange items from the user and the target. This not only gives the possibility of looting a good item from the opponent, but also a chance to return them a bad item. They seem like one of the weirdest moves Pokemon Can be learned, but they have a trick. Players can trade iron orbs to slow opponents or give them poison or fire orbs to poison or burn them. There’s also the “bless” move, which gives the opponent the user’s item, but fails if they already have the item, so it’s almost never used in competition. There’s also a sticky stick, which deals damage to the user each turn, while also giving a benefit-like effect on contact.

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The main downside of the Switcheroo and Trick strategy is that the user needs to bring bad holding items into battle. Also, very few Pokémon that are immune to Poison or Burn can learn both moves, so the options for using it with Poison or Burn Orbs are pretty limited. Sword and ShieldSimplified competitive scenarios, this is a combo that won’t win many games, but it’s still a fun trick to use in combat.

Fling turns Pokémon items into weapons

During a Pokkén tournament, Machamp had two iron balls.

As mentioned, almost all held items provide a passive benefit to the user, but there are a few examples where they work directly. For example, the Nature talent consumes berries to deal damage, while Burp is a powerful poison move that requires the user to eat berries early in battle. Unlike these moves, Fling allows the user to directly attack opponents with their items.

To be fair, throwing isn’t a great move in most situations, as most items deal very little damage. However, the player can use some almost unusual tricks, such as PokemonThe fear strategy is incredibly powerful. Just like Switcheroo or Trick, throwing a fireball or poison ball will severely burn or poison the target. In addition, Kingstone or Razorfang can also make the opponent flinch. However, the biggest reason to use Fling is the iron ball. Using Throw while holding the Iron Ball raises the move’s base power to 130, making it one of the strongest shadow-type moves in the game, just 20 points away from Super Beam.

Fling has a major shortcoming that seriously affects its usefulness. Once the throw is used, the item held by the Pokémon will be consumed. In multiplayer this only prevents it from being used again in combat, but in normal game mode the item is lost forever. Considering that Throws can be used on rare or even unique items, this is probably the worst move Pokemon If the player pays for something rare and valuable. If you really want to use throw, you can just use the ball method, because its damage is amazing.

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Courage and looks make a Pokémon’s status a good thing

Rampage Bear in Pokemon Legends: Arceus

Most of the time, people don’t want their Pokémon to be burned or severely poisoned. Burns deal continuous damage and reduce the user’s attack power, while severe poisoning increases damage per round. This would make Fire Ball and Toxic Ball seem like very questionable options to equip Pokémon. Regardless of what people think, in some cases people may really want their Pokémon to be affected by these states, and the results can be shocking.

The ability is very important to Pokémon and Gus is a powerful one. Guts is the ability to increase a Pokémon’s ATK by 50% when it is affected by negative conditions such as burns or poisoning. Not only that, it can also resist burns and reduce the force of attack. When applied to an already strong Pokémon like Bear or Conkeldurr, the resulting attack can be devastating. In addition, if the user is burned, poisoned, or paralyzed, Facade is a move that doubles the power, and some Pokémon with guts can also learn Facade for extra damage. If a Pokémon with this combination of abilities and attacks is equipped with a Fireball or Poison Orb, it will be able to wreak havoc on the enemy team.

Flame Ball and Toxic Ball make Guts and Facade combos easily deal much more damage than combos PokemonThe highest possible damage results. For this, fireballs are preferred over poisoned orbs, as self damage doesn’t increase and guts will compensate for the burn penalty on attack. For players who want to deal a lot of damage quickly, this could be the combo for them.

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To be fair, negative numbers hold entries even with their combinations Pokemon Good for marginal use at best. Most of the time, preferred tactics tend to be inferior to legitimate strong moves and strategies. Even so, when planning to try interesting, unexpected strategies, the worst plan Pokemon is a great source of inspiration.

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