Horoscope Sunday May 28: predictions about love, health, work and money

Depor MX Write 27.5.2023 13:32 m.

Are you ready to know what the future holds for you? At Depor, we teach you horoscope corresponds to Sunday May 28th. The stars never cease to amaze millions of followers with them accurate prediction. no problem Zodiac sign Whoever you are, see how you are progressing in important matters like love, work, health and money. Check out the information we have for you and share it with your friends and family.

  • Aries

This weekend may be a little rough for you due to the strong influence of Saturn, but the good news is that the more beneficial influence of Venus will help you spend a more pleasant day with your loved ones. It will be a relatively good day to spend with the family.


The Moon and Venus will have a favorable effect on you and help you counter the heavy energy of Saturn and you will be able to spend a joyful day with loved ones, family, children or partners. mine. It is a day to enjoy the comfort of family and the company of loved ones, but it will not be very favorable if you like to go out or travel.

  • Gemini

Saturn’s energy can bring you unforeseen events. You have planned to do different activities, but ultimately fate will lead you to do other activities. That doesn’t mean it will be bad, but it will create a lot of stress or congestion. If you expect to be happy or to live pleasant things, you will encounter sacrifices or resignation.

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Don’t let negative emotions overwhelm you, you have to be strong because these things are not real. The stars are a bit jittery, but at the end of the day everything should be back to normal. You may not be able to do what you wanted today, nor be with the person you love, but this is just a temporary storm.

  • LION

When the wind is not in your favor, you find a way to deal with the situation. You are looking for your own path to being healthy and active and that is what will happen to you this Sunday. Also, you have great friends and people who love you and in moments like these, you realize it.


Saturn has a dominant influence on your sign. It won’t be bad, but it favors renunciation and resignation, which are always in keeping with your nature. In spite of everything, you will manage to have a rather pleasant day, with special moments of tranquility and inner peace. Enjoy your weekend.


If you have experienced some setbacks in your love life, this is not the time for regrets. Times are chaotic and it’s unlikely you can avoid them. May fate remove those who can complicate or even ruin your life from your life. A big change for the better is waiting for you soon.


You are stubborn on roads that are no longer useful to you, you do not like anything to change when at this moment your destiny will turn to a new path. Now your happiness will be to let yourself participate in events, but you tend to disrupt them and nothing can keep you out of your way. That’s why you won’t have a good day today.

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This Sunday, you will present yourself as kind, compassionate and permissive to someone who has treated you badly in the past or who has let you down for one reason or another. But even though you have carefully noted it, your good mind stops you from wallowing in resentment, it can no longer harm you, and it will reap the fruits it has sown.

  • Capricorn

Saturn rules several zodiac signs. It is a very complex planet and also your ruler. That’s why something you fought so hard to achieve and almost got your hands on, or so you thought, suddenly collapses or suffers a major failure. You need to be more patient.


You have a tendency to go against everything and now that Saturn rules our destiny, you will not only have a rough day, but it could even turn into a disaster. Perhaps shame or misfortune befalls someone who has hurt you or blocked your way. It will be a day full of surprises.

  • FISH

Tough times are waiting for you this weekend as you may be facing material or worldly problems, but harder with problems that come from the heart and emotions. Saturn is currently strong and will force you to leave your dream world to face reality, as it will let you down.


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