Horoscope for February 11 to 17: Conjunction of Venus on Valentine’s Day

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This week, a powerful conjunction between Venus, Pluto, and Mars sits on the cusp of the 4th and 5th Houses just in time for Valentine’s Day on Wednesday. Venus rules our senses of self, love and money; Pluto rules transformation; and Mars rules our ability to assert ourselves, aggression and power. Combine the three and we see a powerful opportunity to make important changes in our love and our finances.

The location of this conjunction is also important. Situated between the 4th House, Home and Family, and the 5th House, Pleasure, this cosmic alignment indicates that these changes will occur close to home. With the Moon gaining more motivational power as it moves into its first quarter phase at the end of the week, now is the time to act on our wants and needs.

What would this action be like for your sign this week?

You can’t keep your needs and desires to yourself and then get angry when no one recognizes them, Aries. As convenient as it would be to have everyone read your mind, you’re setting yourself up for a life of disappointment if you wait for them to do so. Fortunately, this problem can be easily resolved with a little communication on your part.

It will help you organize your thoughts before presenting them to others. Take some time to reflect on what you feel you are missing. Think about what you would like to see or receive in your life. Then, be specific when sharing these details with others. All parties will benefit from this.

Even at its most positive, change can be extremely challenging and sometimes overwhelming. Unfortunately, there is no cheat code to fix this reality. All you can do is practice sitting with this discomfort as the novelty wears off and familiarity sets in. The quicker you allow yourself to acclimate to this process, the quicker the entire ordeal will be over.

This will be particularly difficult for you and your characteristic stubbornness. Give yourself some grace to fumble your first steps forward. As with anything else in life, this endeavor will become easier the more you work at it. Keep going and try not to lose faith.

It’s time you stopped putting other people’s needs before your own, Gemini. The fact that those around you have become accustomed to this behavior is not a justification for continuing with it. In fact, learning to prioritize yourself for once will allow you to see who is in your life out of love and respect and who is in your life for their personal benefit.

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The stars are aligning in your favor this week, Gemini. You are called to be your best and strongest advocate. Forget the questioning looks of those who disagree with your move toward self-pity. Those who matter will not only encourage this step in the right direction; They’ll be glad you finally took it.

Be careful not to underestimate the abilities of your ego and anxiety to deceive you, Cancer. When we refuse to be honest with ourselves, our minds often fabricate something new instead of the reality before us. As nice as this may seem compared to real life, certainly someone as intuitive as you knows it’s a recipe for disaster.

Pay close attention to your emotional responses this week. Try to take them as they come, without overzealous explanations or rationalizations. Lean into the chaotic. Embrace the irrational. There will be time to prune and polish later. For now, the stars call you to process this information as it comes with an open mind and heart.

While cautious optimism certainly has its merits, the stars warn against allowing this hopeful attitude to sink further into dangerous naivety. Beware of those who stroke your ego too hard. What could they be trying to distract you from in the meantime? Paranoia is one thing; conscious self-awareness and awareness of those around you is another.

This type of awareness requires a clear state of mind and direct communication. Don’t be afraid to ask questions if you have them. If the response was something unpleasant, then it’s better to know sooner rather than later. You’ll save yourself a lot of headaches in the future if you deal with these uncertainties now.

Don’t be too quick to dismiss self-care and compassion as a frivolous, occasional task. Learning how to take better care of yourself takes practice, like any other skill. The more time passes between attempts, the harder it will be. From a logical point of view, it would be more effective to maintain this practice periodically than to reserve it for special moments.

Self-care doesn’t always have to be like cucumbers over your eyes and a bubble bath up to your neck (although, of course, try that too). Sometimes the kindest thing we can do for ourselves is set boundaries and respect them. Stop saying yes when you really want to say no.

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The fear of rejection is a powerful thing, Libra. But so is the stagnation of never acting on your true emotions. As scary as the unknown may seem right now, rest assured that becoming bitter and trapped within your own comfort zone is an even worse fate. Either way, you’re taking a risk. Why not take the risk that has the greatest potential for reward?

The universe will present you with an opportunity to speak your truth towards the end of the week. Don’t pass up the opportunity for fear that others won’t hear or accept what you have to say. It is better to know someone’s willingness to take her needs into account than to allow your heart to be broken in the future.

The most familiar is not always the most beneficial, Scorpio. The faster you learn this life lesson, the less heartbreak you will have to overcome. Listen to what your instincts tell you. Your subconscious mind is much more in tune with what is happening in the conscious realm than you think. Don’t let his subtle communication style convince you otherwise.

Whether financial, romantic, or personal, the stars urge you to face this discomfort head-on. In fact, the problem you’re facing won’t diminish (or, better yet, go away) because you’ve ignored it for long enough. On the contrary, this tangled knot will only become more difficult and more difficult to untangle.

Don’t be quick to reject new ideas just because you didn’t have them. While it’s true that not all points of view are always correct, that reality can also apply to you, Sagittarius. The constant ebb and flow of the universe is much easier to manage when you maintain a flexible mindset. Rigidity is rarely the sign of strength you think it is.

Relying on others can cause anxiety, especially when doing so has let you down in the past. But refusing to depend on someone else in the future will not change what has already happened to you. It will only limit your ability to experience new things, develop stronger relationships, and become a wiser, more empathetic person.

Are these problems you face really that difficult to deal with, or could it be that you keep yourself so distracted that you don’t even know what you’re running from in the first place? Avoiding without a topic is more exhausting than facing the problem head-on, Chap. You would save yourself a lot of time and energy if you discovered the root cause of the problem.

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Luckily, the cosmos seems to be aligning in your favor. If you can overcome the temporary discomfort, there will be great prosperity waiting for you on the other side. Refusing to face your problems will not protect the past versions of yourself that have already been hurt. It will only end up creating new pain that your future self will have to deal with.

Contrary to our own beliefs, we don’t always know what the best path to take is. Sometimes, we need a helpful nudge from the universe to know which direction to take on our life path. You can dig your heels into the ground and refuse to listen all you want, but that won’t stop the ground from shifting beneath you. One way or another, the cosmos will prevail.

Blind faith can be difficult to maintain for someone as stubborn as you, but that’s exactly what this situation requires. Whatever you do, don’t close your eyes and hope that the path corrects itself to your liking in the meantime. All this will do is ensure that you are even more lost than when you started.

Be careful not to let your anxiety discredit the activities your ambition is willing to pursue, Pisces. While it’s true that we may not achieve every goal or earn every promotion, you can guarantee that we will by never trying in the first place. What’s wrong with shooting for the stars? At worst, you will have found a path that doesn’t work or isn’t right for you.

But at best, you will have opened yourself up to the possibility of greatness. Your energy is valuable and, more importantly, time is fleeting. Don’t waste these essential resources while you have them. Take that first step. If it fails, there will be many more first steps to take.

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