Hilarie Burton talks about her husband Jeffrey Dean Morgan, makes unusual comments about their marriage and the trick he uses when they argue

Hilarie Burton is giving fans a rare glimpse into her relationship with husband Jeffrey Dean Morgan.

The 41 year old man Hill of a tree The student married the 57-year-old man. The Walking Dead actor in 2019 after more than a decade dating. They share two sons, Gus and George, and have even appeared on screen together.

In his new memoirs Grimoire GirlHilarie talked about how her husband inspires her, how they handle distance, and what she does when they argue.

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Referring to Jeffrey as her “muse,” Hilarie explained how he inspired her professionally: “I see the effort he puts into it. I see how committed he is to breaking stereotypes. He’s not afraid to cry when he plays a legendary tough guy. “He is generous with his affection,” she reflected via E News.

He also finds inspiration in how he came to acting, which was later in life, when Hilarie began working as a child.

“And so, your appreciation for what you can do for a living is to me this beautiful reminder of what the job is really about,” he reflected.

Dating another actor puts a literal distance between the couple, as they sometimes have to work on sets for months at a time. However, they have always found a way to make it work.

“Jeff has been traveling for work since we met, and that makes the greetings and goodbyes more exciting. “I liked that this marriage was a marriage of two strong, independent personalities,” Hilarie wrote.

How do you approach discussions? The actress shared a tip that involves going to the kitchen and making a pot of tomato sauce. As she cooks with her son, each tomato they crush in her hands is attached to an intention.

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It is a technique that she uses to help the couple resolve things in the middle of arguments: “What my husband doesn’t know is that sometimes, when we have been arguing, I do it as a little love magic to calm him down. Crushing tomatoes becomes the action of nullifying the argument. I don’t know if it’s the spell, or the fact that he feels really loved when he’s cooked… but that works!

If you missed it, Hilarie recently celebrated a special anniversary with some friends.

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