Harry Potter: Why The “Nude” Harry & Hermione Scene Was Controversial

this Harry Potter The series isn’t without controversy, with one of the strangest twists around a “naked scene” of Harry and Hermione’s kiss. This only happens in Ron Weasley’s point of view, but that’s not the point. Harry Potter For various reasons, novels are banned in schools and libraries, in the belief that they can negatively affect impressionable young people. A world as colorful as that of Harry Potter has undergone some changes when it comes to the big screen, but many scenes remain faithful to the original. This includes a kiss scene in which Harry and Hermione pretend to appear as part of the apparitions that tormented Ron.

exist Deathly Hallows, when Harry opened the Horcrux Pendant, the part of Voldemort’s soul kept inside it began to torment Ron by mocking his greatest fears. Ghosts emerge from the locket, and one of them, Harry and Hermione, questions his worth as part of their group of friends, telling him they’d be better off. without him. The two appear to be naked, and it ends with Harry and Hermione kissing. While the scene played out Ron’s deepest fears and insecurities, it sparked a wave of debate among his concerned parents.

Why is Harry and Hermione’s ‘Nude’ scene controversial?

The locket was the most troublesome of Voldemort’s Horcruxes, as the trio had to protect it for months before attempting to destroy it. While the locket had a negative effect on all three teenagers, it was even worse for Ron, who was more easily disfigured by the locket. When director David Yates announced part 1 Deathly Hallows Those who have read the book are not surprised to see Harry and Hermione kissing in the “naked” scene while answering a question. However, many parents complain Harry Potter The film features nudity, although many scenes are unidentified.

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Worst of all, the complaints (and even some threats of boycott) are based solely on Yates’ comments, which happened before the movie even came out. The scene is mentioned very briefly, with fake Harry and Hermione surrounded by a black mist from the waist down and a bunch of other special effects. On top of that, neither actor is actually naked. Acknowledged, Daniel Radcliffe and Emma Watson (wearing strapless bras) had to do steamy makeup, but that’s not the most repulsive thing about it Harry Potter The movies have gotten darker and darker since Voldemort’s return.

Scenes in the series are much more intense than Harry and Hermione’s kiss scene caused by Ron’s Horcruxes, including more death, torture, and Nagini’s appearance from Bathilda Bagshot and attack scenes in Harry and Hermione. . In the end, there was no boycott of the film, and the controversy was nothing more than the fury of angry parents who didn’t wait for the movie to come out to judge them. Harry Potter Both the film series and the book are controversial, but about Deathly Hallows The “Nude” scene is probably one of the most ridiculous.

Why is Neville’s kiss with Luna more trouble than the nude scene

In Harry Potter, Neville sits next to Luna.

While Harry and Hermione’s kissing and ‘naked’ scenes were criticized by their parents, Neville and Luna were together at the end of the film. Deathly Hallows Angry fans. The dates of Harry and Hermione appear in the books, so it should come as no surprise to anyone who has read them. However, the Neville and Luna combination was designed for the movie – and many die-hard wizarding world fans weren’t pleased. In the novel, Neville goes on to marry Hannah Abbott, and becomes the Herbology Professor at Hogwarts after Sprout. Luna travels the world as a naturalist and marries Newt Scamander’s grandson (Rolf Scamander). This ending suits both characters because it more realistically reflects who they are.

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It looks like Luna and Neville have finally met for fan service, but some in the fan community aren’t thrilled. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Part 2 After the Battle of Hogwarts, a meaningful friendship is cast aside to make way for cheap Hollywood romantic notions. A lot of times, movies want to get everyone to the end to the end, no matter who the character is. The moment Neville has weakened since he appeared in magic stonein a way it reduces the value of the final ending Harry Potter Movie.

The Hermione and Harry scene is part of a larger Harry Potter issue

Snape, Harry, Ron and Hermione in Harry Potter

Harry and Hermione’s kiss scene, mainly because they appear to be naked while doing it, has stood out in the franchise’s legacy over the years, as the first two seasons of the series were primarily aimed at children. Although there are moments of horror and death, they are broadcast on the family-friendly entertainment side. Harry Potter and the Prisoner of AzkabanThe film became more adult-focused, while still appealing to those looking for family entertainment and was critically acclaimed.

That means the rest of the film is in a difficult line – especially when considering the influence of powerful family interests. Families still look forward to seeing family-friendly entertainment, but there are gruesome deaths, betrayals, embodiments of pure evil, and even kissing scenes of naked Harry and Hermione. This image is 100% what teenager Ron considers his biggest fear, but it’s also enough to confuse many parents when it comes to adult topics in intimate entertainment. this child-friendly Harry Potter Franchising.

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