Gunsmoke: The Long Ride Cast & Characters

This is the Actor and Character Guide for Western Drama Gunshots: Trek. gunpowder It started as a radio series before becoming one of the longest-running scripted shows in television history. The series spanned 20 seasons, 635 episodes, from 1955 to 1975 – a record only held by The Simpsons In Season 29. The series focuses on the exploits of police officer Marshal Dillon and the show is known to be more realistic than other Western films of the time, such as wild West.

sure, gunpowder so far away dead wood or hell on wheels, but left a deep impression on an entire generation of audiences. It was canceled in 1975 to the surprise of the cast, so there was no proper series ending. That’s one of the reasons James Arnes chose to return to the 1987 TV series Gunshots: Return to the Dodgersto continue Dillon’s adventure. Four sequels, 1994 Gunshots: Justice for a Man End of this series.

Although it has been reported that Brad Pitt and Ryan Reynolds are preparing to attend gunpowder A remake from years ago, the franchise has yet to return. Gunshots: Trek is the penultimate installment, involving Dillon having to clear his name after being charged with murder. This is the tutorial long distance travel Actors and roles.

James Arnes – Field Marshal Matt Dillon

James Arnes (something from another world) as Field Marshal Dillon, now retired Gunshots: TrekHe was attending his daughter Beth’s wedding when he was arrested for murder, so he set out to defend himself; Several shootings followed.

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Ali McGraw – “Uncle” Jane Merkel

Ali MacGraw plays “Uncle” Jane, a former prostitute who runs a trading post that keeps Dillion out of trouble, but ends up in tragedy. such as love story And escape.

James Brolin – John Paisley

Original James Brolin western world play john paisley in the movie Gunshots: Treka former missionary, was saved by Field Marshal Dillion and became another ally.

Amy Storch – Beth Reardon

Amy Storch (bill and ted face music) returns from the previous TV series as Beth, Dillon’s daughter, who gets a little pampered on her wedding day when her father is arrested during the ceremony. Instead of sitting back and letting Matt figure things out on his own, she set out to find evidence that would prove him.

Christopher Bradley – Josh Reardon

Christopher Bradley plays Josh, Beth’s new husband in the movie Gunshots: Trekwhen Beth started helping Matt, she helped her; he comes back later Gunshots: Justice for a Man.

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