Gran Turismo Races Against Barbie For No. 1 Spot, Box Office Performance Looks Bleak


  • Gran Turismo could potentially be the top movie this weekend, but its future looks uncertain with a projected $16 million opening.
  • The movie, based on a true story, follows a teenage gamer’s journey into real-life motorsports with the help of a trainer.
  • Despite its potential success at the box office, Gran Turismo’s $16 million opening may not be enough to cover its $60 million production budget.

Gran Turismo could take No. 1 at the box office this weekend, but its prospects still look bleak. The movie, which was directed by Neill Blomkamp and opened in theaters on August 25, is inspired by a true story. It follows teenage gamer Jann Mardenborough (Archie Madekwe), who wants to break into the world of real-life motorsports thanks to his Gran Turismo training, with the help of trainer Jack Salter (David Harbour).

Per Variety, the Gran Turismo box office opening weekend is currently competing for the No. 1 slot with the smash hit Barbie. It is projected to close the weekend with a 3-day haul of $16 million or more, but it remains to be seen which title claims the throne. However, even if it takes the weekend, Gran Turismo‘s $16 million gross isn’t necessarily a good sign for it turning a profit, considering its $60 million production budget.

Why Gran Turismo Isn’t Hitting Big at the Box Office

There are quite a few potential reasons that Gran Turismo‘s box office results are somewhat lukewarm. This includes the consistently unpredictable audience turnout that has occurred in the years since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic resulted in worldwide theater shutdowns. However, there are other, more specific, possible reasons.

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One of the most important is likely the ongoing Screen Actors Guild (SAG-AFTRA) strike. As actors fight for fair wages from the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers (AMPTP), they are refraining from performing in or promoting struck productions. This means that the Gran Turismo cast, which also includes Orlando Bloom, Darren Barnet, and Djimon Hounsou, weren’t supporting the movie in the weeks before its release.

Gran Turismo also comes with a borderline rotten Rotten Tomatoes score of 59 percent. That may have prevented audiences from seeking out the movie, especially as they continue to turn out in droves to see holdover hits like Barbie and Oppenheimer. Whatever the reason, the video game-inspired tale has a long road to travel before it is able to end up in the black.

Source: Variety

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