All The Complaints About Robin In Stranger Things 4 Are Absurd

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Robin’s personality change in Stranger Things 4 doesn’t diminish her talent and certainly doesn’t warrant the complaints they’ve received.

Warning: Contains spoilers strange things season four

audiences strange things Season 4 criticized that the new season could change Robin’s entire personality as absurd. After being introduced strange things Part 3 As Steve’s nimble colleague, Robin quickly becomes strange things The party along with Steve, Dustin, and Erica battle the mind saboteurs. This role proved extremely useful to the organization, helping to decipher intercepted Russian messages and think quickly after being captured by Russian soldiers.

Robin’s character was also widely praised for accurately representing the LGBTQ+ community. The character is not defined by her gender, she has a personality and a life of her own, but the screenwriters still make sure that the real test of being gay in the 80s has can be fully discussed. Maya Hawke’s strong portrayal of the character froze, and the character quickly became a fan favorite.

Many viewers are disappointed strange things In Season 4, Robin seems to become more distracted. To some, it seems the writers have stripped her of her wits in favor of a clumsy comedy that stumbles across successful investigations rather than instigating them. However, while her personality has undergone some changes, any criticism towards Robin is baseless. Robin has changed as much as any other character in Season 4, and any change in the way she interacts with the rest of the cast can easily be attributed to character development. characters or humorous elements added to her character.

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viewers see robin for the first time strange things In season 4, as she rambles aimlessly to Steve about the romance of her life, her mind immediately seems less calm than in the previous season. The confusion never really subsided, leading many to criticize the sudden personality change. In many ways, however, this increase in confusion makes perfect sense. Between seasons, Robin gets to know Steve and the others, becoming a closer group of friends. She might be wary of them in season three, especially since she looked down on Steve when they were young. She just caught that off guard and thus showed more of her true colors to the group in conversation by strange things Season 4. Perhaps, then, Robin has always had a side of dispersion that we didn’t see in season 3, and the change was just a matter of character development. After all, Robin always has moments that can be messy from her intro, such as when she creates a board to count Steve’s failures with women in Scoops Ahoy instead of actually doing the job. his job.

Furthermore, Robin has never really lost her intelligence strange things Season 4, it was only overshadowed by Maya Hawk’s amazingly funny timing in season four. It was Robin who gave the impressive speech during Nancy and Robin’s cooperation to enter Binhurst mental institution. She was also the first to find her way into Creel’s house by throwing bricks at the door. The only difference between these witty moments and the third is that the latter is used to humorous effect. That doesn’t detract from her intelligence or her status as an LGBTQ+ icon in the ideology. Therefore, the changes are only superficial, not unlike what we have seen in other characters like Lucas, who has gone from a devoted nerd to a famous basketball player without needing to be. explain much.

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In the end, it’s hard to say what Robin’s character is strange things The changes of Part 4 go beyond the surface level. These changes can be attributed to the development of her relationship with other equally amazing characters in the film. It could also be that the Duffer Brothers needed to create a good story; sacrifices the nuances of her character in favor of a wonderfully intertwined storyline. Either way, there’s no denying that Robin remains a fan-favorite character. Any criticism of her changes in perception is absurd.

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