Gordon Ramsay talks about dad’s life and explains that he’s actually a ‘softie’

Gordon Ramsay opens up about his life as a father!

Although he is best known for his profanity-filled outbursts on kitchen nightmares and hell’s kitchenThe 56-year-old celebrity chef showed off his sensitive side during a recent interview.

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Gordon, who shares five children – Megan, 25, twins Jack and Holly, 23, Matilda, 21, and Oscar, 4 – with his wife Tana, said People that “children are the ones who have brought out the most emotions in me.”

“It’s funny, isn’t it? Because everyone thinks, ‘God, you must be an absolute idiot to be at home.’ [But] Tana is super fierce, a former Montessori school teacher. So I’m the soft one,” she continued.

Gordon also reflected on how his own experience as a child contributes to his approach to fatherhood.

“Growing up, I never had a father figure. Everything I was witnessing at that time was an alcoholic father, so I knew I had to accept the opposite,” he said. “From there the pressure arose to leave the environment. [I was] in.”

Gordon expressed that he is proud of his children’s success as four of them begin their adult lives.

“Jack is a Royal Navy commando defending the country in some of the most extreme conditions,” he said. “Megan is an incredible police officer. Holly has become fashionable. Tilly is studying at university to get her degree. Tana and I come from a family without titles.”

Still, Gordon admitted that he sometimes finds the role of father challenging, but stressed the importance of patience.

“My job as a parent is to find a solution to their problems. That is the most important role of a father,” he said. “But wow, that’s fucking hard with five kids, five problems, 25 a week, a hundred a month; that’s a lot of fixing.”

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