Golden Globes host Jo Koy admits his Taylor Swift joke was ‘weird’ and ‘flat’ after intense backlash

As they say, haters are going to hate. Golden Globes host Jo Koy defends himself against a poorly received Taylor Swift joke. The comedian received intense backlash from Swifties online after a playful comment against the singer.

During the show, Koy made a comparison to the Golden Globes and the NFL. She said: “As you know, we arrived after a doubleheader of football. The big difference between the Golden Globes and the NFL? At the Golden Globes we have less camera shots of Taylor Swift, I swear.”

Swift herself seemed unfazed by the joke as the camera snapped her. After the joke, several people criticized the comedian on social media. For Koy, the joke didn’t pack as much punch as she expected.

In an interview with Good morning americaKoy said: “I think it was when Taylor [Swift] one was a little flat… I guess it was a weird joke. But it was more about the NFL… I was trying to make fun of the NFL using cutouts and how the Globes didn’t have to do that. So it was more of a knock towards the NFL. But things just didn’t work out that way.”

Golden Globes host Jo Koy defends himself

It wasn’t just Koy’s joke about Swift but her overall performance that had critics sharpening their pitchforks. The criticism has been enough for Koy to talk about the evening with Variety and share her thoughts.

Koy remains optimistic about the whole experience, but admitted that all the criticism left him a little defeated. He confessed that he only had 10 days to prepare for the concert. The comedian isn’t sure if he would host again if offered.

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“I had fun. You know, it was a moment I’ll always remember,” Koy said of the event. “It’s a tough room. It was hard work, I’m not going to lie… I’d be lying if [I said] it does not hurt. I got to a point where I thought, ‘Ah.’ Being a host is simply a difficult job. Yes, I’m a comedian, but that hosting job is a different style. I went in and did the writer thing. We had 10 days to write this monologue. It was an intensive course. I feel bad, but I still have to say that I loved what I did.”

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