Gigi Hadid breaks her silence on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict on Instagram

Supermodel Gigi Hadid shares a heartfelt message about the events that occurred in Israel

Gigi Hadid’s family was forced to flee Palestine and became refugees in Syria.

In a recent Instagram post, Hadid shared her thoughts on the tragic war between Israel and Palestine. A growing number of celebrities and political figures have joined the conversation, sharing their thoughts, condolences and support for Israel or Palestine.

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How is it connected to Palestine?

Gigi and her younger sister have a special connection to their homeland in Palestine. Hadid’s father, Mohamed Anwar Hadid, was born in 1948 into a Palestinian Muslim family. He and his parents had to flee Palestine during the Palestinian War of 1947-1949. It is documented that his mother and father walked for two nights to reach the Lebanese border and were granted asylum in Syria.

In 2015, she shared an old photo of the family on Instagram and left a caption summarizing the ordeal:

“I was only about 18 months old. After we were expelled from our beloved #Palestine to the Syrian refugee camps… My dad got a short job at Damascus university in #Syria… These were our family photos for a Palestinian Refugee Card. The Hadid family, my beautiful mother Kharia Daher Hadid. My father Anwar Mohamed Hadid. My sisters Ghada, Raida, Sana and me. Thank you #Syria for hosting us. And thank you, the United States, for allowing us all to realize our dreams…”

TO mondoweiss A 2015 report documents how Hadid’s family became refugees. In the report, Anwar Hadid said:

“This is how we became refugees in Syria and lost our home in Safed (a city in the north of Israel) at the hands of a Jewish family that we welcomed when they were refugees from Poland on the ship that sailed from one country to another and no one found them. accepted. …they were our guests for 2 years until they made us refugees and kicked us out of our own home. That’s my story.. Strange thing. That my family and I would do it again.”

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Gigi’s thoughts on the Israeli-Palestinian war

Now, Hadid posted a thought-provoking statement on Instagram. The television personality has empathy for Palestinians and Jews. In her post she writes:

“My thoughts are with everyone affected by this unjustifiable tragedy and every day this conflict claims innocent lives, many of whom are children. I feel deep empathy and anguish for the Palestinian struggle and life under occupation, it is a responsibility that I assume daily. “I also feel a responsibility to my Jewish friends to make it clear to them, as I have done before: while I have hopes and dreams for Palestinians, none of them include harm to Jews.”

“Terrorizing innocent people is neither aligned with the ‘Free Palestine’ movement nor does it any good. The idea that this is so has fueled a painful, decades-long cycle of back-and-forth retaliation (of which no innocent civilian, Palestinian or Israeli, deserves to be a victim), and helps perpetuate the false idea that being pro-Palestinian = anti-Semitic.”

“If you are suffering, as I share my condolences today with my loved ones, both Palestinian and Jewish, I send you my love and my strength, wherever you are and wherever you are. There are many complex, personal and valid feelings, but every human being deserves basic rights, treatment and security; regardless of his nationality, religion, ethnicity or place of birth. I know that my words will never be enough nor will they heal the deep wounds of so many people, but I pray for the safety of innocent lives, always.”

Hadid’s father later reshared his words on his own page. Bella has not spoken about the ongoing conflict.

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Has Gigi ever been this frank about it?

Whether you’re a fan of hers or not, Hadid’s kind words have left the internet hoping to cultivate peace during this difficult time. This wouldn’t be the first time the model has spoken openly about current events. In 2022, she announced that she donated a pair of earrings to help those affected by the war in Ukraine and Palestine.

“Our eyes and hearts must be open to all human injustice. May we all see each other as brothers and sisters, beyond politics, beyond race, beyond religion. At the end of the day, innocent lives pay for war, not leaders,” Hadid wrote.

To digress, there is also a rumor that Hadid and The Hangover Actor Bradley Cooper is actively dating.

Still, we believe we speak for everyone when we say that peace is the first thing the world needs right now. Our hearts go out to all those affected.

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