George Clooney’s Batman Return Gets A Brutally Blunt Response 6 Months After The Flash Cameo


  • George Clooney has dismissed the idea of ​​reprising his role as Batman after The Flash.
  • In a blunt statement, Clooney shot down speculation about his return as Batman in the DCU and future projects.
  • Clooney, who recently appeared in a DCEU movie, doesn’t seem to be changing his stance on reprising his role as the iconic superhero.

George Clooney talks about possible return as Batman after ‘The Batman’ flash.Batman has featured many live-action actors, with Clooney first playing Bruce Wayne in the 1997 film batman and robin, which was far from universally loved. While the actor’s solo work wasn’t one of the best Batman movies, Clooney made a surprising return, guest starring as Bruce Wayne in DC’s Batman movie. flash movie, which seems to leave the door open for another appearance in the future.

talking entertainment tonightAfter his recent return to the DCEU movies, Clooney gave a very candid response to the possibility of him returning as Batman in a future project.

The actor first teased the fact that he’d be returning to play Bruce Wayne in a DC movie, even though his version isn’t exactly the fan favorite.When asked about a possible future role as Batman flash” , Clooney quickly rejected the idea, saying bluntly, “There are enough drugs in the world that I could go back to” Check out the exchange below:

“Clooney: Well, I think there’s been a lot of requests for me to come back as Batman.

Interviewer: Could they convince you again?

Clooney: I don’t think there are enough drugs in the world for me to go back to. “

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Clooney jokes about Schumacher’s controversial rubber bat pacifier

A close-up of the infamous Bat-nipples from Batman & Robin.

During the brief interview, Clooney also teased the Batsuit he wears in director Joel Schumacher’s film. batman and robin. Clooney’s Batsuit is notorious for its protruding nipples, which seemed very out of place and silly for the Dark Knight. The actor referenced the infamous bat nipples, saying: “I actually said, ‘Where’s my rubber pacifier?’‘”

Clooney went on to joke about how the team behind flash thought this was a bad idea and said: “Can we do without rubber pacifiers?” Clooney continued, “Well, that’s not my real Batman, is it?Apparently, the actor never actually tried to bring back the controversial Bat-nipples, instead teasing one of the most controversial elements of any live-action iteration of Batman.

Ultimately, there wasn’t even room for Clooney’s bat nipples in the movie. The actor just shows up in a different kind of suit, his Bruce Wayne meets Ezra Miller’s Barry Allen.Clooney guest appearance flash As a fun moment to end the movie, this cameo should be Clooney’s last as Batman, with Robert Pattinson and the cast of the DCCU carrying the torch as the new DC Universe closes out the DCEU chapter. he.

Source: Entertainment Tonight

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