George Alagiah Wiki: What’s His Ethnicity? Journalist Family And Religion

Following the death of the brilliant and compassionate BBC journalist and newsreader George Alagiah, His religion has been a subject of discussion. George Alagiah was a British journalist born in Colombo, Sri Lanka, on November 22, 1955. He was best known for his work for the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) as a newsreader and reporter.

Alagiah started his journalistic career in the 1980s and swiftly rose to prominence and respect in the business. He reported from all around the globe, covering major events and wars such as the Rwandan genocide and the Gulf War. His work often shows a strong dedication to unearthing important issues and providing a voice to individuals touched by global events. In addition to his job as a foreign journalist, George Alagiah rose to prominence as a BBC newsreader. He was a recognizable face to British viewers when he broadcast BBC News at Six and, subsequently, BBC News at Ten. Following his unexpected death, condolences have poured in for him, and many are eager to learn more about him.

George Alagiah Religious Beliefs: Was He a Christian?

Yes, George Alagiah was a Christian who practiced Catholicism. He grew raised in a Catholic household where the family ended each day by praying the rosary. Nonetheless, he said in a Telegraph interview that he no longer practices the religion, adding, “I envy people who have faith.” Despite not being a practicing Catholic, he found solace in some Catholic practices, such as burning candles in churches on occasion, particularly around Christmas. After a nine-year fight with stage four bowel cancer, Alagiah, a BBC announcer, reporter, and foreign correspondent, died at the age of 67.

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George was admired by his coworkers and viewers for his soft, kind, and sympathetic demeanor, which he demonstrated to everyone he met. He joined the BBC as a foreign reporter in 1989, and he hosted the Six O’clock News for over two decades. Alagiah was a fantastic friend and colleague recognized for his kind, compassionate, perceptive, and fearless demeanor, according to BBC World Affairs editor John Simpson. Similarly, Nick Bryant, a former BBC foreign correspondent, had a similar view, noting that there will be many emotional hearts in the BBC newsroom that day.

George Alagiah’s Ethnicity And Family

George Alagiah is of Tamil origin. He was born in Sri Lanka to Christian Tamil parents who left the country when he was a child. He had few memories of his native nation, with the primary one being his escape from there. His family eventually relocated to Ghana, where his father worked as an engineer. George, at the age of 11, enrolled at a Catholic boarding school in Portsmouth, following in the footsteps of his sisters.

George Alagiah

George spoke out about his cancer diagnosis and struggle with the illness in 2014. He said that his five procedures and chemotherapy had given him a renewed respect for life’s beauties. He meditated on his diagnosis and wondered why he was immune to cancer, eventually thinking himself lucky in timing and cherishing life. In terms of his personal life, George married his wife, Frances, and they had two kids together. Alagiah died quietly, surrounded by his family and loved ones, according to a statement from his representative. The message went on to say that George was adored by everyone who knew him. It also called him handsome and offered condolences to his wife, boys, and extended relatives.

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