Gabriel ‘Fluffy’ Iglesias Talks ‘Santa Claus’ Role Written For Him, Working With Tim Allen & More (Exclusive)

Gabriel Iglesias, alias Fluffy, is one of the new stars of the second season of the Disney+ Christmas series Santa clauses!

The 47-year-old comedian and actor joined the cast as a series regular in the role of Kris “Kringle” Moreno, who is the owner and operator of a Christmas-themed amusement park called Santaland.

Kris is sweet, happy, and perpetually optimistic. Kris is a warm and generous soul who is determined to keep her struggling theme park afloat. However, her belief in Santa and her love for all things Christmas may not be enough.

We caught up with Gabriel and got the inside scoop on all things. Santa clausesincluding working with Tim Allen, linking up with Eric Stonestreet and more.

Read on to see what he shared with us…

“There are all kinds of things. Let’s see where we start,” said Gabriel. just jared about why he joined the show. “Tim Allen, a big fan of yours all along, from the current series, the movie itself, santa claus, from the back, God, I was in high school. So, Tim Allen first, Disney second, and then, God, they wrote the part for me, so I thought he was great too.”

“The fact that I didn’t have to audition for it, they just said, ‘Do you want to work with Tim Allen?’ Do you want to work on this Disney project? And I was like, uh, yeah,” he continued. “So the fact that I got to work with such an incredible cast and be a part of this world, because I know, you know, anything with Disney, it’s not just for now, it will always live on. “So, you know, people are going to be watching this many years from now and, plus, you know it’s Christmas, you know, it’s going to be a festive thing to watch.”

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Watch our full and exclusive interview with Gabriel Iglesias in the video here…

Make sure to catch Gabriel in Santa clauses second season, with the first six episodes available to stream now and new episodes weekly on Disney+.

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