Freeform Expands Unscripted Slate with ‘Chrissy & Dave Dine Out’ and 2 More Reality Shows

Chrissy Teigen and David Chang are headed to Freeform with a new food show!

The author of the cookbook “Cravings” and the restaurateur, who have been friends for years, will star in the next series Chrissy and Dave go out to dinnerthat goes from Hulu to Freeform.

In addition, two more unscripted series will arrive on the network: Ohio Royal Rules and Sasha Reid and the Midnight Order.

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Hosted by Joel Kim Booster alongside Chrissy and David, they will take Los Angeles viewers to unexpected must-try restaurants.

“While Chang gets to work in the kitchen with the restaurant’s chef, Teigen and Booster host an entertaining dinner with a group of hand-picked celebrity guests,” according to Variety.

The premiere episode will find them at Pizzeria Bianco, with chef Chris Bianco serving pizza and Jimmy Kimmel and his wife Molly McNearny joining as guests.

In Ohio Royal Rules, we see the three Agyekum sisters navigating their twenties in Columbus, Ohio. The sisters, who are Ghanaians, “live a luxurious life as daughters of royal descendants of two of the richest and most powerful Ghanaian kingdoms. However, behind closed doors, viewers can glimpse the double lives the sisters lead, which could tarnish their family’s noble reputation.”

Last but not least, Sasha Reid and the Midnight Order follows “Dr. Sasha Reid and her secret society of young women with very different backgrounds but a common obsession: the dark psychology of those who commit harm and the desire to protect those whom authorities have ignored. They team up to work outside the system to protect the vulnerable, solve cold cases, and delve into the dark minds of killers using top-notch forensic expertise and data skills. Their motto is to have compassion first, but let the evidence guide.”

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Premiere dates for the next three shows have not been revealed at this time. They will debut on Freeform and, of course, will also be released the next day on Hulu.

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