Fortnite: How To Get Struck by Lightning

fortress Chapter 3 comes with a new weather mechanic that brings natural disasters into the game, including lightning. Although this new dangerous weather may sound inconvenient, players can take advantage of lightning fortress If used in the right situation, it can give you an edge over your opponent.

Players may be struck by lightning fortress Give yourself a temporary powerful boost during a race. However, this also deals damage to the player, meaning lightning is only beneficial under certain circumstances. This is how players can find and be struck by lightning.

Besides thunder, another new weather condition introduced in Chapter 3 is tornadoes. fortressTornado and Lightning are used in different ways and give different powers. Tornadoes don’t hurt the player when used, but lightning does – making it harder to use lightning.

Get struck by lightning in Fortnite

The first thing players need to do is find Lightning Storm. They can be detected from great distances and include the formation of sizable dark clouds in the sky in specific areas. The player needs to be under a storm cloud to be attacked. Although both lightning and thunder are new natural hazards, they occur in different regions. This means that players usually don’t have to worry about running into a tornado or getting hit by lightning during a lightning storm.

Once in the correct area, the lightning strike location is indicated by a glowing blue marker on the ground. Running to this marker and standing there will strike the player with lightning. If the player cannot find these markers, there are also different ways to increase the chance of being hit randomly. This includes entering water or moving onto high ground (which can be done by manually climbing terrain or building stairs).

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When lightning strikes a player, they will immediately lose 10 HP. However, they will also get a speed boost. Therefore, players must be careful in stormy areas if HP is low. When lightning strikes, the surrounding area will be on fire and players should move immediately to avoid being burned. Using lightning may seem dangerous, but the player can use this firepower and speed boost to catch nearby enemies off guard and fortress.

fortress Available on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X, Xbox One, PC, Nintendo Switch and Android.

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