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What to do if we don’t have a bit of modern technology. Everything returns to zero, you and your family are taken to an island and spawned there. That’s when you accept living in a world like Family Island. A sim where you build and remodel things for a living. However, you don’t do it alone, you do it with your family. We can live together in peace and happiness. Even without a TV, smartphone or any other technology at hand.

The theme is gathering resources, building buildings, and farming. Family Island provides all the resources you need. You can do anything as long as you work hard and actively collect them. Next is to build your beautiful and dreamy village. Grow crops in the field to harvest products. Follow the funniest stories and expand your life. Most of the activities you do in the game are ancient activities. However, that does not make people feel boring, but on the contrary, it will make players very excited and free to explore.

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First, you need to choose your territory. Expansion will be considered in the future. The first is to build simple houses. Grow crops in your garden. Increase money and experience to upgrade the village. Next is more complex work, such as expanding and constructing more buildings. Pythons raise animals for the right ingredients. Help improve meals in this new ancient world. The rest of the time is just watching and enjoying what you’ve done. The most relaxing and fun way.

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However, it cannot be developed in this simple way forever. Everything needs more communication and progress. By trading items with various roles outside the village. You will gain more money and experience for trading. From there, there is an opportunity to expand the size of the store. Opening up a variety of entertainment and services attractive to the Stone Age. It looks interesting and the historical nostalgia feel is okay.

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produced in a different way

Your main job will certainly be to produce goods, consume and sell them outside the market. Use items collected from the field. Fruit trees and rice are very popular in the market. Along with many animal ingredients preparations are provided. Throughout the game, you will definitely buy various items at high prices to sell to merchants. With this feature, your money will continue to grow. Expandable to many new buildings, the size of the village and beautiful decorative patterns cannot be missed.

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Discover interesting life stories

Don’t just take the chief’s family on an adventure. On Family Island you will find many interesting stories about them. Through many simple jobs such as production, decoration, delivery… you will understand more about the peaceful life on the deserted island. What would life be like without the internet? And what to do to overcome difficulties. Build a thriving and happy village today. You will learn more about life lessons and people’s over-dependence on technology today.

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Unlock new islands

After completing all the necessary technology on your island. Now it is very stable and growing. You can then unlock more islands. Continue the journey and turn it into the most beautiful and developed new village. There are many islands corresponding to milestones for you to cross and build. Concentrate fully on the work you are doing. Don’t forget to spend time enjoying this moment with your family. And many other types of attractive entertainment are waiting.

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family island mod for free

Lots of interesting stories. The same activities that seem boring but very interesting in Family Island. We just learned that life without technology is still very happy and prosperous. That doesn’t mean we have to fight technology. But sometimes you have to know the limits to be close to the people closest to you in your family. Great news from the developers of the Family Island mod.

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