Every Loki Season 2 Episode 2 MCU Easter Egg & Reference

warn!This article contains spoilers for Loki Season 2 Episode 2Loki The second episode of Season 2 contains a series of exciting Easter eggs and references. Drawing from original Marvel comics, real history, and Loki’s own evil past, there’s a lot to be excited and entertaining about in the new series. These include references to Loki’s own evolution into a more redemptive figure in the Marvel Universe.

as seen Loki In the second episode of Season 2, the titular God of Mischief (Tom Hiddleston) and Agent Morbius (Owen Wilson) are trying to prevent the demise of the TVA. This is because Loki specifically believes that the TVA will be the primary defense against the “Remnant” variants that were unleashed with the expansion of the multiverse, as seen in “The Last Episode.” Loki Season 1.To that end, here are every Easter egg and reference Loki Season 2 Episode 2 finds TVA struggling to come to terms with new revelations and its own impending destruction.

12 Rocky Season 2 Episode 2 Titled “Breaking Brad”

Loki The second episode of Season 2 is titled “Breaking Brad” and is based on the critically acclaimed AMC series breaking Bad It works on multiple levels. TVA’s Hunter X-5 (played by Rafael Casal) not only became rebellious and gave up on his old life, but he also disobeyed orders and broke rules, taking on the name “Brad Wolf” in the Holy Live life online. Likewise, Loki ends up interrogating X-5 about Sylvie’s whereabouts in this episode, and threatens to destroy “Brad” within the ever-shrinking confines of the energy cube.

11 Loki and Morbius in 1977 (same year as Star Wars)

new hope poster

Loki The second episode of Season 2 begins with Loki and Morbius hunting down Sylvie in the Sacred Timeline. As a result, when they arrived at a film premiere in London in 1977, they discovered the hunter X-5 who was supposed to be tracking her, but he turned traitor. 1977 is the same year new Hope Premiere, Lucasfilm’s first film Star Wars The franchise later became a Disney property, just like Marvel Studios and the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

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10 Rare Timeless Looks

Loki season 2 episode 2 Jin Ge poster

When Loki and Morbius faced off against X-5/Brad Wolf in London’s West End, they walked past some movie posters, including one for a Bollywood film starring Jingo’s “family member” poster. The Eternals hero played by Kumail Nunjiani was last seen relinquishing his position at a 2021 MCU event, and he explained that he did so by claiming that he comes from a long line of the same actors, each generation replacing the other, thus eclipsing their own immortality in their prolific Bollywood careers. This is 1977, and the Kingo in the poster is most likely Kingo’s “father”.

9 Loki Season 2 mentions a very obscure Marvel hero: Telephone Ranger

Rocky Season 2 Telephone Rangers Easter Egg

After the Kingo poster, another movie poster has also surfaced titled phone ranger. In the original comics, Telephone Ranger was an extremely unknown hero. Bell, whose real name was AG Bell (a play on the inventor of the telephone), was a telephone repairman who discovered alien technology that allowed him to access all communications devices around the world. Although Bell briefly fought crime as a phone ranger, he has only appeared three times in the entire Marvel Comics series (1985, 2006, and 2019).

8 Zaniak (Brad Wolff)

Zaniak teased in Rocky season 2 trailer

Loki and Morbius discovered that Hunter X-5 had indeed rebelled in 1977. X-5 disobeyed General Doakes (Kate Dickey) and chose to live on the divine timeline.So X-5 has become and stars actor Brad Wolfe Zaniak!a movie about a serial killer.

In the original comics, Wolfe was also a movie star transformed by the radiation from the Manhattan Project. Gaining superhuman strength and the ability to create knives from our pure energy, Worf took on the role of Zaniac, which put him at odds with Thor himself. So maybe Brad Wolfe/X-5 in the Marvel Universe will undergo a similar Zaniac transformation in upcoming episodes.

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7 Brigitte Bardot Explained

Brigitte Bardot pictures

During this period Zaniak! At the premiere, a reporter asked X-5/Wolf about rumors that he was dating a woman named Bridgette Bardot. In real history, Bardot was an important model, singer and actor in France from the 1950s to the 1970s. However, Wolfe declined to comment on the validity of the rumors as he celebrated his “rise as a movie star.”

6 Loki shows off classic and new MCU capabilities

Rafael Casal stars as Zaniac in 'Rocky' season 2 trailer

As X-5 attempts to escape after confronting Loki and Morbius, the God of Mischief reveals a series of classic powers that Loki has used in the past. This includes copycasting, green magic energy blasts, and several illusions used to slow down “Brad Wolf”. However, Loki also uses his shadow to immobilize X-5 in an alley, an impressive new ability that’s perfect for the God of Mischief.

5 Loki Season 2 mentioned his mother (Frigga)

Frigga talks to Loki in Thor: The Dark World

During X-5’s interrogation at TVA, the former Hunter attempted to get into Loki’s mind and angered the God of Mischief, claiming that Loki himself was the real problem at TVA. He also calls Loki a loser who should go back to being a villain instead of trying to be a hero. However, he also said that Loki would only make things worse for Morbius, B-15, and Loki’s mother Frigga.

After reading Rocky’s file, Brad knew everything that happened during the period Thor: The Dark World Loki inadvertently caused his mother’s death.While this happened to the original Loki in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, this new Loki is shown the life he should have Loki Season one. This includes his role in Frigga’s death had he not been a mutant and strayed from the divine timeline.

4 Loki mentions his past with Avengers and Tony Stark

Loki tries to use the scepter on Tony Stark in The Avengers

After X-5 managed to piss off Morbius and get the TVA agents to lash out, Loki and Morbius took a break and ate some pie. It is here that Loki recalls a time when his own anger got the better of him. He specifically mentioned how angry he was with his brother and father for leading an alien invasion to take over Earth, as seen in the first film. The Avengers Movie.

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Loki also revealed that after his scepter and Mind Stone failed to corrupt Iron Man’s mind The Avengershis rage prompted him to throw Tony Stark out of the window: “This is not tactical.” It’s certainly a pretty humorous interpretation of the scene as Loki looks back on his past, and Loki is even darker and angrier than he is now in the current Marvel Cinematic Universe.

3 Rocky finds Sylvie in Broxton, Oklahoma

Rocky Season 2 Episode 2 Rocky and Sylvie

After finally convincing Hunter X-5 to reveal Sylvie’s location, Rocky and Sylvie reunite in an alternate timeline where Sylvie works at McDonald’s (first seen on Loki (the post-credits scene of the Season 2 premiere), she enjoys her freedom after years of hiding from TVA in various apocalypses. However, this McDonald’s in particular is located in Broxton, Oklahoma.In the original Marvel comics, Broxton became Asgard’s new home after the events of Ragnarok, in siege The storyline centers on Loki’s evil plans. This is also the beginning of Loki’s main redemption arc, as seen in the current comics.

2 Sylvie killed 400 TVA militiamen

Sofia Di Martino plays Sylvie in Rocky Season 1

Sylvie is known to have killed several TVA militiamen during the incident. Loki Season one.However, Hunter X-5 gives accurate numbers Loki Season 2 Episode 2. Apparently, Sylvie murdered approximately 400 TVA agents during her lifetime in order to escape their custody and attempt to eradicate her existence. So such a large number certainly puts Sylvie’s strength and skill into full consideration.

1 Sylvie possesses the amulet of the survivors

Sylvie and his amulet in Rocky Season 2

at the end of Loki In the second episode of Season 2, it was revealed that Sylvie still had his amulet device after killing him in the finale of The Last of Us . Loki Season 1. It appears to be a highly advanced version of TVA’s standard TempPad, offering various tools and time functions. So it stands to reason that Sylvie would use it in future episodes. Loki Season 2, although she initially declined to join Loki on TVA in this episode.

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