How to Unlock (& Equip) Runes in Soulstone Survivors

Equipped with runes that help players build powerful structures in Soulstone Survivors and defeat hordes of enemies after unlocking them through in-game challenges.

Soul Stone Survivor Provides the player with multiple upgradable character archetypes throughout the game via runes, which are unlocked upon encountering specific challenges. Synergy of specific builds for specific roles Soul Stone Survivor Reflects cheat-like elements seen in other games such as Hell, but players can experiment with more thoughtful combinations. The player can use a variety of runes to form a variety of ideas, and their effects encourage unlocking them all. However, there is a limit to the number that can be equipped at once to limit an overwhelming skill set.

The first task the player must undertake is to unlock the runes Soul Stone Survivor Involves finding five smaller soul stones, used to unlock the “rune” skill after defeating multiple common enemies. Small soul stones are sometimes dropped when the player defeats a base enemy using a kill move, making this requirement relatively straightforward from the start during basic interactions. A new tab on the main menu called “Runes” shows the player the challenges needed to get a certain number of runes, each of which requires a certain gear value, from 1 to 5. Players can only have a total of 5 rune values ​​while in combat, which limits them to earning one rune at a time. For example, a rune that costs 2 power cannot be paired with a legendary rune that also consumes 4 power.

Unlock every rune in Soul Stone Survivor

Runes available for Soulstone Survivors listed by cost and effect, player can only total by fifth power

Rune . Rarity/Cost




Uncommon (1 cost)

  1. Focus attention
  2. master dash
  3. Weapons Specialist
  1. Focus all random area effects on player’s location.
  2. Increase sprint speed by 50%.
  3. Unlock special skills for the selected weapon.
  1. Unlock at least eight characters.
  2. Complete Curse 2: Frozen Waste.
  3. Level 100 in a match.

Rare (2 prices)

  1. control the chaos
  2. master key
  3. executioner
  4. set fire
  5. wise man
  6. proficient multicast
  7. Purity
  8. reality
  1. Guaranteed to deal maximum damage to all random damage sources.
  2. 100% chance to critically strike when dealing critical damage.
  3. Negative status effects on enemies also have a 5% damage bonus.
  4. Area of ​​effect is reduced by 20%, but all other damage is increased by 40%.
  5. Each active skill deals 5% more damage.
  6. Increases the chance of casting multiplayer spells.
  7. All damage is increased by 50%, but each negative status effect deals 5% less damage.
  8. Take 15% less damage while increasing your resistance to knockback.
  1. Complete at least 70% of endless loops 3.
  2. Defeat curse 3: Grove.
  3. Defeat Curse 4: Dungeon of Hopelessness.
  4. Defeat at least 2,000 elite enemies.
  5. Defeat at least 400 lords.
  6. Defeat curse 4: Cave.
  7. Defeat 200,000 enemies.
  8. Reach level 90.

Epic (3 prices)

  • majestic
  • reckless
  • Fluently roll up
  1. Damage to players is reduced by 40%, but damage to summons is increased by 40%.
  2. Damage increases by 0.5% for each HP lost.
  3. Every 5 levels, the player gets an extra chance to re-roll.
  1. Defeat 300,000 enemies.
  2. Defeat at least 3,000 elite enemies.
  3. Kill at least 500 lords.

Legend (4 or 5 prices)

  • Synergy (4)
  • single focus(5)
  1. When the player has a negative status effect on an enemy, the chance of getting the synergy increases by 20%.
  2. Players can have more active skills, including power-ups.
  1. Beat Endless Loop 3 100%.
  2. Defeat curse 6: Cave.

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