Every Junji Ito Collection Story Featuring Villain Souichi Tsujii

This is Souichi Tsujii at Junji Ito Collection anime series. Artist and writer Junji Ito has drawn some of the scariest horror images of the past 30 years in his various manga comics, including eddy And tomie. His writing can be both disturbing, nauseating, and strangely beautiful, and most of his stories are based on weird dream/nightmare logic that allows him to escape meaningful story.

He is unique, which makes it difficult to translate his work into another medium. Although movies or cartoons based on his comics like eddy or Gyo: Tokyo Fish Attack There are fans of them, and no one fully recreates the horror or atmosphere of the original story. 2018 too Junji Ito Collection, consisting of twelve volumes, adapted from a series of the author’s most famous stories. Some stories (such as “The Window Next Door”) performed well, although the quality of the animation and some lackluster episodes made it quite warmly received.

still, Junji Ito Collection Not without its merits, it deserves the attention of fans of Ito’s work. Some of his most famous works have appeared, including scary schoolboy Soichi Tsujii. A distraught kid with a taste for black magic and curses, he’s appeared on shows like Zongyi’s Happy Diary, although he considers himself superior to his family or classmates, due to his erratic behavior, he is a social outcast. He also frequently chews his nails due to anemia. All episodes are available here Junji Ito Collection He appeared.

“Zongyi’s Convenience Mantra”

Junji Ito Collection It opens with “The Curse of Souichi’s Convenience” in episode 1, in which the main character uses voodoo to torment a classmate he doesn’t like. He also tried to scare a classmate with a giant spider suit, but it didn’t suit the fifth grader at all. Overall, it’s more of a silly comic book sketch than a strict horror story.

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“Teacher Bu”

Souichi will be back soon in episode 5 of “Cloth Teacher”, another dark comedy. This involved the boy replacing his teachers and classmates with creepy clothes, but despite his best efforts, he was often embarrassed, even nailed to his ass. Junji Ito Collection short is supposed to be a silly comedy, the real problem is that it’s not particularly funny, and Souichi himself is annoyed.


from Junji Ito Collection It opens with Souichi, which means the ending will also feature him. In episode 12, “Rumor”, he became confusingly popular at school when rumors swirled around him, including that he was related to a celebrity. A girl named Midori finds herself spreading these rumors, is once again outcast, and he plots revenge once again when he comes face to face with another Ito monster. Of the three focused stories of Souichi, “Rumor” is possibly the best.

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