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Explore the extensive Wikipedia of Emile Cilliers, revealing the tragic story of the assassination attempt and the complicated consequences that have had a lasting impact on people. Mile Cilliers hit the news five years ago for his improbable assassination attempt on his wife Victoria, which unfolded into a dark plot including tampering with her parachute.

During the trial, it was revealed that he intended to collect on her life insurance and use the proceeds to start a new chapter with a lover. Despite fumbling with her parachute before her 2015 skydive, Victoria somehow survived the 4,000-foot fall. Cilliers’ evil intentions were revealed in two trials, resulting in his conviction on two counts of attempted murder.

Who is Emile Cilliers?

Emile Cilliers, the man whose diabolical attempts to take the life of his wife Victoria horrified the world, became famous for touching her parachute in a terrifying act of attempted murder. One Sunday morning in 2015, Victoria, an experienced skydiving instructor, jumped from a plane at 4,000 feet, only to have both her main and backup parachutes fail, culminating in a near-fatal accident. As police investigated, it became clear that Cilliers had not only touched the parachute, but had also attempted murder by damaging a gas valve at their home in Wiltshire.

Victoria’s strong consciousness protected her from the gas leak, which became a foreshadowing of the parachute disaster. Fiona sheds light on Cilliers’ intentions and the history that led to his arrest for attempted murder through interviews with key players, including police officials key to the case. Chilling details of his planned attempts to end his wife’s life emerge, revealing a disturbing pattern of viciousness. Emile Cilliers faced justice in June 2018, when he was sentenced to life in prison for the attempted murder of Victoria. The case not only revealed a horrific betrayal within the marriage, but also highlighted a survivor, Victoria, who miraculously survived both assassination attempts.

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How old is Victoria Cilliers’ husband, Emile Cilliers?

Emile Cilliers, the notorious figure behind the terrifying assassination attempt on his wife Victoria Cilliers, makes it difficult to determine his exact age because his date of birth is unknown. However, given Victoria’s current age of 47, Emile is thought to be in his early 50s or 60s. His arrest and subsequent conviction for attempted murder at Winchester Crown Court three years earlier resulted in a minimum jail term of 18 years.

Victoria, a 47-year-old military physiotherapist, deals with the aftermath of the betrayal while raising their two children alone. She shared her inner struggle in a candid interview with Good Morning Britain, expressing shock at the idea that her husband may have had plans to kill her and their children. Victoria is in a state of mourning, mourning the loss of the husband she once knew, as a result of the devastating effect this revelation has had on their relationship and family life.

Emile Cilliers

The complexity of the case not only raised questions about Emile Cilliers’ age, but also shed light on Victoria’s ongoing emotional toll as she grapples with the devastating betrayal and the difficult task of reconstructing her life. The story unfolds as a gripping examination of the aftermath of a crime that not only changed the course of justice but also had a lasting impact on the lives of those involved.

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