Elden Ring: Where To Find The Carian Knight Set

Considered by many to be the finest armor in the Elden Rings, the Carian Knights Set can be found in a hidden area in Raya Lucaria.

Carian Knight Set is a set of 4 armor Elden’s ring Worn by magic knights in the service of the Cairhien royal family. The aesthetic of the Carian armor set is beautiful and is considered a nice decorative upgrade to the Faraam armor set Dark Souls III. Although the style is not as ostentatious as the royal knight’s outfit, the decoration and brilliant appearance of the Carian knight costume is enough to make anyone fall in love. Elden’s ring Fashionistas covet its sets.

And implicit “fashion stats” Elden’s ring The Carian Knights Set is undeniably high, and the stats regarding defense and resistance are not impressive. Statistically speaking, the Carian Knight Set has almost the same mid-range components as the basic Knight Set. While this skin has better defense against divine and magical damage (though not as good as the Tree Sentinel suit), it offers less overall protection. Also, its poise is slightly lower than that of knight armor. However, the main attraction is Elden’s ring The Carian Knight’s armor was unmistakable with its splendid elegance and pretty appearance.

curious about Elden’s ring The forerunner of the Carian Knights Order, Dark Souls 3 Faram armor? Check out the video from COGINC on YouTube below to see the FromSoftware inspiration in action!

Carian knight armor location

Carian Knight set map location in Elden Ring

Carian Knights Complete Set Set Elden’s ring Can be obtained from the loot button hidden in Raya Lucaria Academy in Liurnia of the Lakes. The studio is located on a small ridge, accessible from the university’s central waterwheel area. There are many routes that can be taken to get to the same spot, but many bleak people might miss the Carian Knight Set due to its modest concealment.

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Before being able to touch Carian knight armor, Elden’s ring Players need to obtain the Glintstone Key to enter the Academy. One such key can be found in the lair of Glintsstone Dragon Smarag, west of Raya Lucaria. Remember, Smarag does not need to be defeated to pick up this item. Once the Stained One has the key, they can return to the Raya Lucaria South Gate and teleport to the Main Academy Gate, from where they can enter the vast Academy.

Elden Ring Sorcerer Thops Quest Guide

If the player also wants to help the Sorcerer Thops find the Glintstone Key while searching Elden’s ring Carian Knight is set in Raya Lucaria, located inside the Cuckoo Church. Fall through holes in the roof and loot corpses on chandeliers!

Upon reaching the Cuckoo Chapel, walk through the caves below the university. Cross a wooden bridge and pass through several cemeteries to reach the giant waterwheel that leads to the classrooms of the upper building. However, before taking the pedestal to rotate vertically, look directly west to see a tombstone in the distance near a rocky outcrop in the distance.

Round the corner of a nearby building and carefully fall down the cliff-side path below. Follow this path until you come to a small cemetery where some Glintstone Zombies worship a large tombstone. Tap the glowing button in front of the monument to get Carian Knight armor Elden’s ring.

Find a visual guide Elden’s ring Where to put Cairian knight armor? Check out the YouTube video below from Golem Gaming, which tells you where you need to go!

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