Alliance Sages MOD APK (Menu, Damage/Defense/Crit multipliers) 1.5.0

Alliance Sage Adventurers inspires your spirit of adventure every day. The darkest dungeons will be the boldest places to jump right in and discover what’s inside. Know that there will be many dangers. Everything will be reversed in the blink of an eye. Dangerous monsters are something we must always keep an eye on if we do not want to lose our lives. The most precious things will be in the darkest places you can reach. Those will be great wars, and we cannot deny their appeal.

The role-playing game trend has been around for a long time and is well received by players. With the development of modern technology, this genre has been divided into different categories. Alliance Sage is a very simple yet challenging turn based game. In addition, popular anime character styles originated in Japan. A fantasy world made up of many unique elements. Promises to bring you the best quality gaming hours. Please do not waste your rest time, thanks to its variety.

Alliance Sage – Breakout Dungeons mod download

After giving up your position in the Supreme Order, you have moved to a large suburb. Here you will become the director of a wonderful company of adventurers. For employees, you can combine them into the most powerful group. Take them to a dungeon where enemies are waiting to get in your way. You can only attack a limited amount when it’s your turn. Choose any member to attack the enemy target. If all is destroyed, you can continue normally. The more you win, the higher your chances of getting valuable gifts from the dungeon.

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set of adventurers

The adventurers among the sages of the alliance were all girls with unique charms. They all have styles that you’ll fall in love with and look at all day. They are classified according to the strength of the elements available in nature. Water, fire, ice, grass, earth, light and shadow are enough for you to choose freely. More specifically, the higher the mass, the greater the base strength. You can find these guys in the Lucky Summon boxes in the store. Relying on your dignity can bring you unusually rare additions to your collection.


When you have a team of high-quality adventurers, consider upgrading them. The first is emphasizing upgrading through clone battles. The more enemies you kill, the more experience you gain for your character. After that, it’s all about finding the right gear for each individual to maximize their strengths. These items are usually available in high difficulty quests. The mystical wheel is also where you can get the best equipment. Don’t be afraid to invest in your best friend role. Comprehensive stats will allow them to dominate more difficult levels later on.

big world

When you watch an episode, you’ll see it depicted on a large world map. There will be consecutive game screens corresponding to the locations to pass. You will see some key stages stand out more than usual. Those are the generals or bosses to face. The difficulty is greater than expected and must be defeated. Don’t let anyone underestimate your power in Alliance Sage mod.

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