Elden Ring: How To Get The Snow Witch Armor Set

Lani, the mysterious witch, encounters uncleanness in the first place Elden’s ring, wearing a pale but elegant outfit known as the Snow Witch Suit. Like many unique armor sets in the game, players can purchase Snow Witch sets and equip them. It’s a reward for completing the Witch quest, which begins after Tarnished defeats Royal Knight Loretta, a mandatory boss. Elden’s ring Who will the player face in Caria Manor.

Once Loretta is defeated, Elden’s ring The player must go to Ranni’s Rise, a tower located west of Caria Manor. After going up the wide stairs and elevator to the top, the player must talk to Laney and choose the dialogue option to serve her. They must remember that this dialogue will only take place after Defiler has subdued Full Moon Queen Rennala and Caelid’s Starscourge Radahn at Raya Lucaria Academy. In addition, the player needs to visit the Land of Grace in the Eternal City of Norkron.

After swearing to be Janie’s mercenary Elden’s ring, the player must descend to the lower floors of the tower to meet War Advisor Iji and Preceptor Seluvis. They should use up the dialogue options with these two characters, then talk to Lenny again before leaving.

Location of Snow Witch armor in Elden Ring

The player must go to the Eternal City of Nokron and stay in Elden’s ring Get the important item called Fingerslayer Blade. This hidden treasure can be obtained from chests in the Dark Sanctuary. The player should then return to Ranni’s Rise and give the Fingerslayer Blade to the witch. She will reward the player with the Carian Inverted Statue, an important item that unlocks the secret area of ​​the Carian Learning Lobby. This hall is located on the west side of Liunia, opposite Raya Lucaria Academy. The Tarnished can use the statue to activate an inverted version of the Carian Study Hall, and proceed to the sacred tower of Liurna. After reaching the tower, the player will find the mark of the Curse of Death on a corpse at the top of the tower.

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Ultimately, the player should head back to northwest Liurnia, but this time, they want to find Renna’s Rise, a tower located northeast of Ranni’s Rise. They can climb the ladder inside the building to find Snow Witch’s armor Elden’s ring in a box. This set includes the Snow Witch Hat, Snow Witch Cloak and Snow Witch Dress. While it doesn’t have the best defense stats, mages and other magic-oriented builds are sure to find the Snow Witch set to be a great bonus.

Elden’s ring Available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X and PC.

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