Elden Ring: All Sorcery Scroll Locations (Sorceress Sellen)

Theron the Witch is an NPC vendor Elden’s ring Who will offer new voodoo spells in exchange for runes to Tarnished who want to master the intricate arts. When the protagonist first meets her, she has a limited amount of magic for sale. However, by finding three hidden magic scrolls on the world map and giving them to Sellen, the mage can increase the witch’s available magic. Elden’s ring.

salen witch position

To do business with Sellen, Tarnished must first find out where she is in Limgrave. The Witch Trader can be found in the ruins of the waypoint east of Lake Agher. Next, the player needs to defeat the Mad Pumpkin Boss guarding the entrance to her room. After subduing the head beast, the Stained One can open the door leading to the Boss’s lair and into Sellen’s office. Remember that Intelligence stat is required to use the spells she provides. Also, hidden magic scroll Elden’s ring Finding Sellen will unlock some additional dialogue, but not required to continue her quest.

Salem’s First Magic Scroll Elden’s ring Called the Royal Scroll, it can be found south of the Waypoint Ruins. It can be looted from a corpse on a large pile of rubble that can be climbed from the south. Be on the lookout for two elite enemies nearby, a Kaiden Rider and a mimic soldier transformed into a giant bear. Bring the Royal Scroll to Salem to buy Glintblade Phalanx and Carian Slicer. Check out the video above from RIOT GEAR GAMING on YouTube to see exactly where this is Elden’s ring roll.

Academy Scroll is the second magic scroll Elden’s ring The player needs to collect more spells, located in the cemetery northeast of Irith Church in Liunia, Lake District. Tarnished can be reached by completing Stormveil Castle or walking along the hidden cliff-side path east of the First Legacy Dungeon. Return this scroll to Sellen for it Elden’s ring. Watch Jack’s YouTube video above to see it in action.

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The third and final magic scroll is called the Conspectus Scroll and can be obtained from corpses inside Raya Lucaria Academy. To find it, Tarnished must go to the Site of Grace in the Schoolhouse classroom. In the corridor guarded by some shaman Raya Lucaria, enter the door on the left. The corpse holding the scroll will lie flat on the ground, in front of everyone’s view. Giving this scroll to the Sorceress Seren will grant you Glintstone Cometshard and Star Shower. see this part Elden’s ring Position your own magic reel in the Gaming Tornedo video above.

Map of Elden Ring with all 3 Marked Magic Scroll Locations

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