Earth Is Officially Part Of The Star Wars Galaxy (In The Wildest Way)

this Star Wars The Milky Way contains many strange planets, and an unlikely source has confirmed that Earth is part of the franchise’s vast universe. whole core Star Wars The film and television project showcases hundreds of planets. From core worlds like Coruscant and Chandrila to outer planets like Tatooine, Mustafar and Naboo, Star Wars’ The galaxy is home to various worlds, inhabited by the franchise’s signature alien race.

in spite of Star Wars’ Galaxy maps can feel overwhelming at times, and the limitations of many projects using familiar planets help keep the universe small enough to understand. That means new planets are often introduced Star Wars And so on, one of the objects included was somewhat unexpected: the Earth. Although each Star Wars The film begins with the sentence “A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away…” Earth has been identified as Star Wars The most unlikely Disney source in the galaxy.

How Earth fits into the Star Wars canon

The source in question is from Disneyland interstellar travel agency attraction point. The park is set up like an airport, with departure and arrival boards listing many of the planets on Earth Star Wars Galaxy. One of the locations listed is the “Earth System”, apparently the location of a gas station for any astronaut looking to make their way to Endor. Although it is easy to classify the earth as Star Wars’ Mysterious unknown regions, interstellar travel agency Acknowledge that the Earth is a stepping stone return of jediforest moon.

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Star Wars Expanded Universe explores Earth in more detail

The Star Wars expansion universe, aka Legends.

Although the classical interpretation of the Earth is a bit confusing Star Wars Cosmos, some aspects of the story include Earth in more detail. This is also a very odd way to have a Star Wars A manga titled “A Star Wars Story” explores Star Wars Humans on earth. One such comic called “Into the Great Unknown” tells an incredible super story about Han Solo and Chewbacca.

In this story, Han and Chewie land on Earth in the Pacific Northwest. There, Han Solo is attacked and killed by a group of Native Americans! Interestingly, Solo’s skeleton was discovered by a very famous archaeologist – Indiana Jones himself. In the comics, Indy is looking for the appearance of Sasquatch, revealed to be Chewbacca after landing a century ago! As proof of this unofficial comic, Earth is in Star Wars Always a little silly, the classic story of Earth extends to the Disney parks interstellar travel agency attraction.

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