10 Dragon Ball Tattoos Only True Fans Will Understand

No wonder people like it Dragon ballThe show has been on and off since 1984 and has come a long way. What was once a story about collecting magical wish balls has turned into a series about battling opponents like gods. The story focuses on the exploits of Goku, who is trained to be the strongest man in and out of the universe, but also features many other memorable characters such as Trunks, Vegeta, and Piccolo.

The movie is epic in terms of combat action, and with so many fun elements in it, it’s no surprise that people are ready to swing their arms around iconic Dragon Ball moments. Tattoos are a symbol of devotion, and since they are relatively long-lasting, one must be a true fan to get these branded tattoos.

paella emperor

Before there was Cell, or Frieza, or even Vegeta, there was Pilaf. Dragon ballPilaf is a fat elf who searches for the Dragon Balls to fulfill his wish to become the ruler of the world. Pilaf was never meant to be serious. He’s mostly a skinny, overbearing guy with a Napoleon complex, mostly for comic relief rather than a real threat to Goku and his friends.

This tattoo basically summarizes the paella pretty well. It’s a more realistic creature, and his signature outfit makes him look like a cross between a clown and a European aristocrat. He has one of the seven Dragon Balls in his hand, and it is estimated that its power is a bit high at the moment.

goku’s wheel of light

Nimbus is one of Goku’s most loyal friends in the original Dragon ball.It is basically a yellow cloud that only a pure heart can fly on. It has the ability to move at high speed, but when seven dragon pearls Making flying the norm for Z fighters, the Nimbus became obsolete and rarely seen.

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Still, it’s one of the best parts Dragon ball Because seeing Goku riding a little cloud is visually pleasing. Apparently, the guy tends to agree, since they’re having the best time of their lives when Goku rides Nimbus.

Gogeta Super Saiyan 4

everyone is Dragon ball Fans know GT is a bad series. It’s poorly written, filled with boring characters while omitting fan-favorite characters, and has a very silly backstory. Too bad it’s basically not canon anymore. That being said, Super Saiyan 4 is actually pretty cool, and the fact that Goku and Vegeta merge to become Gogeta’s version of Super Saiyan 4 is even better. This form of Gogeta is essentially the strongest character in GT, and is so powerful that his arrogance essentially prevented him from completing Syn Shenron.

He may be complacent, but he has the right to be, and GT probably means nothing to him Dragon ball Besides, Gogeta tattoo would be great.


Fusion is generally pretty cool. Combining the personalities and looks of two characters is a really cool concept, and Gogeta Cool Gotenks has a special place in our hearts. Gotenks has a nice design as well as some great attacks. His battles with Super Buu are awesome and hilarious, and even better when Gotenks transforms into Super Saiyan 3.

This tattoo is clever and creative as it shows the two halves of Gotenks, Trunks and Goten, merged. Each on a separate arm, then bump into each other, that’s Fusion!

Parking lot

Although Bardock is not in Dragon ball series, he’s actually quite important in the story. He is the father of Saiyan and Goku. When Frieza felt the Saiyans were getting stronger, he sent his army to wipe out Bardock’s team. After discovering members of his team were massacred, Bardock began a solo uprising against Frieza.

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Unfortunately, Frieza’s powers were too strong for Bardock, leading to his death and the destruction of Planet Vegeta. Despite that, he is known the world over for his willingness to take on Frieza. This tattoo shows the moment Bardock began to rebel against Frieza, with a bandage wrapped around the head of his fallen comrade.


Earth has Shenlong as their wish dragon, while Namek has Bolonga. He is rarely used in the series because it is easier for the Z fighters to collect the Earth Dragon Balls than the Namekians. He looks cool because he is designed to look like a cross between a genie and a dragon. He even has a Namekian antenna, which is pretty hilarious. He can also grant three wishes instead of Shenlong’s two. This tattoo shows that Porunga is called and is willing to grant some wishes.

Goku and Kiki’s Hair

Admittedly, Goku and Kiki are not the most romantic couple ever. Goku always brags about her going to practice, and Chi-Chi basically screams at Goku whenever he’s around. That being said, they seem to love each other. They were close since childhood, relied on each other, raised two children together. Their family might feel out of place, but everyone seems to be happy, so maybe the dynamic is good for them.

Anyway, this tattoo is cute. This is a couple tattoo that shows off Goku and Chi-Chi’s signature hairstyle. It also stands out a bit from some of the other tattoos on this list.

devil symbol

The Majin symbol is the mark Babidi used to make his followers evil. This mark has been used on several of Babidi’s minions, but most notably on Vegeta, who willingly chose to let Babidi transform himself into evil so he could finally defeat Goku. The Majin symbol can make those who follow it stronger, but its power comes at the cost of evil.

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Apparently the guy isn’t too worried about evil, as he decided to tattoo the Majin symbol on his back.

four star dragon ball

Although Dragon Ball is strong overall, there is nothing special or different about the number of stars each ball has. However, the most iconic Dragon Ball has to be the four-star Dragon Ball. Although not much different from the other Dragon Balls, this orb has special meaning to Goku as it is his grandfather’s Dragon Ball. Goku worked hard to collect this Dragon Ball grandfather’s Dragon Ball for sentimental purposes, and even gave it to his son Gohan, as shown in the first episode of Dragon Ball Z.

Apparently this fan knows their Dragon Balls, as he decided to pick four stars instead of the other six.

Tortoise Kanji

Even though Goku has gone beyond the teachings he received from his master Roshi, he still has the kame symbol printed on his clothes. Kame stands for turtle, which makes sense since Roshi’s martial arts are turtle schools. In addition to Goku, several characters wear this symbol on their clothes, including Krillin, Yamcha, and sometimes Gohan. It seems to be Goku’s favorite symbol, as he has worn it on his clothes for the duration of the series’ launch.

The kame kanji works well as a tattoo. It is a simple design that does not depend on extreme complexity or detail.

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