Dr. Drew Reveals Results of Tom Sandoval’s Narcissism Test

In a recent episode of Everybody loves Tom On the podcast, reality TV star Tom Sandoval delved into his personal journey of self-discovery with the help of renowned physician and addiction specialist, Dr. Drew Pinsky. He Vanderpump Rules The star opened up about his past traumas, including his parents’ divorce and his sexual insecurities, while also addressing accusations of narcissism that surfaced after his breakup with ex-girlfriend Ariana Madix, considered the “Scandoval,” earlier this year. anus.

During the podcast, Dr. Drew Pinsky administered a test to assess Sandoval’s narcissistic traits, a test that does not diagnose a disorder but rather measures narcissistic tendencies. To the surprise of many, Sandoval scored significantly lower than expected. Dr. Pinsky explained that the average score on the test usually falls in the 15 to 16 range, while Sandoval scored only a 7. “You’re actually one of the lowest I’ve ever seen, which is interesting.” Pinsky noted. However, he did acknowledge that Sandoval showed a greater degree of vanity.

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“The only thing you were a little above was vanity. “That’s a reasonable measure of something you’re interested in because of your appearance,” Pinsky said. “It’s neither good nor bad, it’s just a trait.”

Sandoval took the results in stride and shared that he had witnessed narcissistic behavior in other cast members of the Bravo series. He noted, “I knew because I’d been around people with narcissistic traits (they’re on our show), so I know what it’s like. I just know that I am not those people.”

Codependent tendencies

In addition to the discussion of narcissism, Dr. Drew Pinsky also addressed Sandoval’s codependent tendencies. Pinsky explained that while codependency is not a formal diagnosis, it reflects a situation in which one finds it difficult to assert oneself, struggles to set boundaries, and feels obligated to ease the pain of others. Pinsky advised Sandoval to differentiate his pain from that of others and recognize that his empathetic nature may be rooted in his own unresolved issues.

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Since his high-profile breakup with Ariana Madix, Sandoval has sought therapy to work on his personal growth. He shared with podcast listeners that therapy has been instrumental in his progress, saying, “By talking to my therapist, I was able to take things and things that he said, advise, and apply them in real time, in real life.” Facing his emotions head-on has been a fundamental part of his journey.

Taking things slow

Sandoval also revealed that he is currently dating, but is committed to taking things slow in his romantic endeavors. He expressed his desire to be open, honest and loving, but stressed the importance of maintaining boundaries and avoiding rushing into another serious relationship. Sandoval is taking the time to make sure he is emotionally prepared before embarking on a new chapter in his personal life.

Sandoval previously appeared on The masked singer and Special Forces: the toughest test in the world to repair the dispute.

Following the revelations made during this candid episode of the podcast, it appears that Tom Sandoval is actively working on personal growth and self-improvement, with the guidance of professionals like Dr. Drew Pinsky and his therapist. As he navigates his post-breakup journey, Sandoval is committed to exploring his own complexities and maintaining a healthy balance in his relationships.

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