Destiny 2: How To Get Conditional Finality Exotic Shotgun

Conditional Finalizer is the newest Shotgun added destiny 2 With the advent of Nightmare Roots Raid. This powerful weapon is unique in its ability to freeze and burn enemies. The finishers have very good conditions to eliminate the threat of unstoppable champions in premium content. Aside from bosses, this shotgun is effective at taking out most enemies in PvE content. This gun works well in PvP, but Guardians have to close the gap with their target. Conditional finishers are most effective in close combat.

Like the touch of malice destiny 2, Guardians can only release conditional finishers from the last encounter in a raid. Luckily, Nightmare Roots is one of the easiest attacks in the game. Guardians still require the right payload when challenging Nightmare Roots, but reaching a conditional ending is an achievable goal for many players.

How Destiny 2’s Conditional Killing Shotgun Works

Conditional Finish Exotic Shotgun destiny 2 There is an anthology that contains some unique Perks. The shortened barrel has greatly improved handling but slightly reduced range and stability. The intrinsic feature of the conditional final feature is called split decision, which splits the bucket into sun damage and stasis. This is combined with the Bizarre Feature, Paracausal Pellets, which states, “landing nearly all pellets will freeze the target; landing almost all solar pellets will burn the target. pepper As mentioned earlier, conditional finishers are great for beating unstoppable champions, as both Stasis Smash and Ignition damage will stun these elite enemies. This pistol also has an alloy magazine, It allows to reload weapons faster when the magazine is empty. Luckily, the Final Condition only lasts for two rounds, so activating this effect is easy. Finally, the weapon has a Textured Grip Perk, which greatly increases processing speed at the expense of a slightly reduced stability.

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Conditional end scroll


shortened barrel


alloy magazine

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divisive decision

characteristic 2

textured handle

origin feature

fruit kernel

Conditional Finality is a truly unique exotic weapon destiny 2. Guardians who don’t have their weapons dropped for them can see the Aztecross comments on YouTube. In the video, he discusses and demonstrates how weapons work in both PvP and PvE. Also, this gun combines with Stasis and Daylight builds. For example, the Ember of Char sun shard will spread char to the target when burned. Now that the race mode for Nightmare Roots Raid is over, all Guardians should assemble a fire brigade and conditionally finish.

Source: YouTube/Aztecross

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