DC’s Darkest Future Turned Shazam into the Justice League’s Wolverine

The darkest futuristic timeline in DC Comics actually sees the iconic positive Shazam becoming the Justice League exclusive Wolverine. Shazam is one of DC’s most famous properties in generations, the Flash Superman with countless divine abilities, one of the most powerful beings in the Justice League. In recent years, he has become quite popular, not only because of his appearance in the DCEU but also because of his positive personality. However, a dark timeline has fans re-examining who this hero would be if the world suddenly switched to Armageddon.

Justice League: The Lost Generation is a series that aired from 2010 to 2011 and focuses on the Justice League hunting down Lord Maxwell after his revival. Throughout the run, readers get a glimpse of a nightmarish post-apocalyptic future where destruction is everywhere and the dark incarnation of the Justice League is doing its best to keep peace. average…at least, what’s left of it. These include Damian Wayne following in his father’s footsteps as Batman, Dick Grayson’s son becoming Red Hood, and even a clone of Plastic Man. However, the funniest member of the group is their version of Shazam.

Shazam’s power adapts to their master

Characters played by Judd Winick and Aaron Lopresti Justice League: The Lost Generation #14 A woman named Sahar Shaheen is seen wearing Shazam’s lightning bolt in place of Billy Batson. She has all of the abilities that fans have known from the character for years, but brings her own style with dual swords. She uses these razor-sharp tools not only to cut through her enemies when necessary, but also imparts her abilities to give them a huge advantage. They turned her into a hero that took Wolverine’s already deadly Vajra claws and turned them into 11 claws, with the ability to channel lightning through them to deal even more damage.

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These swords are a really cool new look for the traditional belligerent Shazam, but they also show how the hero can change when new situations arise. Fans know that Shazam is a more goofy character, especially since his most famously secret identity is that of a kid, and he tries his best to blend in with adult heroes like Superman and Batman. Billy Batson’s youthful outlook sets him apart from many heroes, and while his version of Shazam may be cheesy, he’s not the only one with Shazam’s powers. Other heroes disguised as Shazam can adapt their nicknames to best suit their circumstances. Shaheen’s Blade shows how powerful she can be in a dystopian future and essentially proves that even the silliest character can go dark for the greater good.

While the attitude towards Shazam has been changed to reflect her new post-apocalyptic environment, there’s no denying that the blades used with this character variation are great. Not only do they give her an extra layer of danger, making her a threat to the villain in the apocalypse, but they also give her a sense of identity that sets her apart from other Shazam characters. like Billy Batson. Sahar Shaheen’s Shazam is basically the DC Comics equivalent of Wolverine’s best character, and her lightning blade makes the Justice League even more deadly.

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