Merge Tales – Merge 3 Puzzles MOD APK (Unlimited money, resources) 2.1.6

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1. Unlimited Gold Coins*2. Unlimited Diamonds*3. Unlimited Resources** Do whatever you want, even if resources are not enough

Sprites have evolved and are powerful to fight in Merge Tales – Merge 3 Puzzles. The world seems to have returned to a time when mist covered the earth. Creatures can’t grow and face disaster. However, you can redevelop this crash world on your own. You can save the world by combining elements to create creatures. Compared to ancient animals, although they are elves, they can save the world. Take on the challenge of creating mutants and fusion creatures to save a destroyed world.

The world was once known as the Secret Garden, inhabited by strange biomes. All individuals together develop peacefully on the land, sustaining life on earth, but an evil monster appears and destroys everything with its power. All creatures are affected by monster attacks, but fortunately, they have protective abilities. The monster was temporarily defeated, but it did not give up its ambition and created a mist. The creatures gradually died from the mist in this garden, and they rescued the world of mysterious elves, and started a new life through union.

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The secret garden has been attacked by a dragon that wants to take over this magical land. It argues that every living being must serve a supreme being like itself, but no one agrees. An angry dragon creates mist over the garden and waits for everything to be destroyed. But maybe that’s too subjective for these creatures, since they have your help. You can create new life in the world by combining the abilities of animals. The world of elves is lucky to have you around to help this world. Use your combo abilities to save the goblin world and slay dragons.

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Merge stories Merge 3 puzzle apk

world disaster

Up to now, the world of strange creatures has been continuously updated. But since the selfish dragon appeared, everything in the garden was turned upside down. The dragon that defeated the powerful goblin acquired magic with overwhelming power. The remaining generation in this world also cannot grow up because of the fog. The dragon still wants to conquer the world and give Garden a chance to live. However, even if they did exist, the souls of the afterlife could only exist temporarily. But the one who can make this world grow again is you with the ability to combine.

Merge story Merge 3 puzzles android

recreate the world

The goblin’s garden seems to have been destroyed after a dragon attack. When the whole world is ready to surrender to the dragon, your presence brings hope. The world’s ability to combine items opened the way to freedom for the elves. You can create new creatures and give them the power to fight dragons. The dragon never imagined that one day the world of feeble creatures would be able to resist them. However, after being attacked by a dragon, the world needs time to grow and regenerate. Prepare for the fight for freedom by combining and upgrading textures to create textures.

Merge stories Merge 3 puzzle mod apk

fight for freedom

The destroyer of the garden and the peace of the world is the dragon in the mist. And to bring about a peaceful world, you need to lead the elves to defeat the dragon. Your main force in this world are the characters you create. But the dragon will not be defeated, and the battle will be complicated. You and your army of goblins must overcome many challenges to fight dragons. Dispel the fog that hinders the development of the world and set out to fight dragons. Use the strongest elves to slay dragons and win the garden freedom war.

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Merge stories Merge 3 puzzles for free

The land of the elves of immortality has always been the dreamland of other creatures. Even dragons want to conquer this world and use goblins as minions. But the goblin did not want to lose his freedom and anger the dragon. The entire secret garden was destroyed, only temporarily preserved under the fog. However, this world is renewable due to your ability to combine things. The fight for freedom still requires powerful elves to stand up against destructive enemies. Download the Merge Tales – Merge 3 Puzzles mod to solve matching puzzles and save the garden from the dragon.

Download Merge Tales – Merge 3 Puzzles MOD APK (Unlimited Money, Resources) Android

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