Darth Vader’s Forgotten Green Lightsaber Almost Redeemed Him, Long Before Luke


  • Darth Vader’s fight against the dark side was an ongoing battle, and he considered knocking out Palpatine and asking for Obi-Wan’s forgiveness.
  • The green lightsaber of the bleeding Jedi Master Kilak Infila allowed Vader to see another path.
  • In the end, Vader refused to choose the path of light, and it was not until his son’s return that he found the strength to embrace redemption.

Long before Luke Skywalker finally succeeded in bringing Darth Vader back to the light side, the former Jedi was almost redeemed by his short-lived green lightsaber. While the Jedi built their “sabers” in training, the Sith had a different tradition – obtaining a red lightsaber by taking the Jedi’s weapon and then “bleeding” the kyber crystal inside, draining their Pain and anger are injected into it.But although this yes How Vader eventually acquired his iconic red lightsaber was almost enough to turn him away from the dark side.

exist Star Wars: Darth Vader #5In “Vader,” Vader began bleeding the kyber crystals of Jedi Master Kilak Inferra, whom he brutally murdered after being initially defeated by the skilled warrior. Vader takes the green lightsaber and deconstructs the weapon. After an initial attempt to corrupt the crystal, Vader was knocked back and knocked unconscious, experienced Force visions, reassembled his lightsaber, and then killed Palpatine with the green energy sword. What’s more, after defeating Palpatine, Vader sought Obi-Wan’s forgiveness.

It’s unclear whether this was a window into Vader’s subconscious desires, whether the Kyber Crystal offered him a different path, or a precognitive vision of the Force that would still be possible if Anakin gave up on the Dark now. What could have happened (indeed, all three could become one through the Force.) In this case, Vader was so tempted by another path that he could only resume the bleeding process through an immense amount of willpower.

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Star Wars: Darth Vader #5 (2017)

  • Screenwriter: Charles Soule
  • Artists: Giuseppe Camuncoli and Cam Smith
  • Colorist: David Coulier
  • Written by: Joe Caramagna
  • Cover artists: Giuseppe Camuncoli and Francesco Mattina

Darth Vader almost picks up Kilak Infera’s green lightsaber

Anakin has been trying to come back from the beginning

Darth Vader overcomes regret and bleeds his red kyber crystal

from beginning to end Star Wars In canon, Darth Vader constantly battled the dark side – a major factor in his eventual redemption through his love for Luke Skywalker. Palpatine lectured Vader countless times, saying that he could not truly and fully embrace the darkness. Vader’s connection to the dark side is not a corruption he fell into, but a choice he must make repeatedly despite his deep desire to regain his humanity.

Darth Vader and his naked body in comic book art RELATED: Darth Vader’s True Look in The Force Darth Vader’s form is even darker according to The Force, as a 2017 Star Wars comic revealed the Sith Lord’s true look.

Yet Vader keeps making this choice because he believes that all options that might have brought him happiness or hope are gone – all he has is pain, anguish, and rage, and it’s better to harness them than be consumed by them. When Vader suppressed his desire to atone, he said: “No. I refuse. That’s all.” Vader must think reject The call of the light shows how great the war within him has been. A better path always calls, and the bleeding kyber crystal of Kilak Infera gives it an unusually strong voice.

The shocking image of Darth Vader cutting down Palpatine with his green lightsaber was followed by Anakin’s rebirth as a Jedi, defeating Palpatine and seeking Obi-Wan’s forgiveness. All Vader had to do was pick up Kilak Infera’s green lightsaber and instead bleed the crystal, he might have been able to avoid unimaginable pain and suffering in the galaxy. Unfortunately, Darth Vader refuses to make such a choice, and only his son’s seemingly impossible return is enough to give him the strength to embrace the light again.

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