Comedian Pauly Shore proposes to Drew Barrymore live on his own show

Comedian Pauly Shore made a surprise turn during an episode of Drew Barrymore’s daytime talk show, getting down on one knee and proposing to the actress and talk show host. This touching and unexpected moment was enthusiastically received by the studio audience and left Drew Barrymore surprised and amused.

Shore and Barrymore, who have a long-standing friendship, were together on the main stage as they prepared to conclude the episode. The comedian began by sharing his difficulty in maintaining a relationship, expressing his fear of getting hurt. He stressed the importance of finding the right person and, more specifically, a “best friend.”

Shore explained, “Someone who’s not about sex, isn’t about how you look, is about ‘Let’s go get a sandwich.’ You know what I mean? More like a friendship.”

Barrymore responded by encouraging Shore to find a friend and partner with whom he shares a strong connection, including times to walk the dog, eat and hang out, along with some “casual sex.” Laughter filled the studio as she emphasized the meaning of a deep friendship.

Showing appreciation

Shore then took the moment to reflect on Barrymore’s support and appreciation for her late mother, Mitzi Shore, throughout the episode. Mitzi Shore, owner of the Comedy Store, was a major figure in the comedy world and one of Barrymore’s personal idols. Pauly Shore revealed his mother’s surprising perspective on Drew Barrymore’s past marriage to Tom Green, expressing that his mother had believed Drew should marry him.

This revelation left Barrymore curious and sparked laughter from the audience. Shore decided to make a grand gesture to honor her mother’s opinion and returned to the stage, asking Barrymore to stay where she was. After remembering her mother’s suggestion, Shore playfully declared that she had decided to propose to Barrymore.

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An unexpected turn

In a theatrical moment, Pauly Shore got down on one knee and presented a ring with a sizable white jewel in the center. Drew Barrymore reacted in shock, covering her face with her hand. She asked in disbelief, “Are you proposing, Pauly?”

Shore humorously responded, “I got married properly,” as the audience erupted in cheers and applause. He added: “Might as well, right? I mean, it makes sense!

As Drew Barrymore laughed, she accepted the ring and commented on its beauty, describing it as an “amazing engagement ring.” However, in response to Pauly Shore’s heartfelt proposal, Barrymore jokingly told viewers that he would have to tune in to the next episode of his talk show to “find out my answer.”

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With emotion and humor, Drew Barrymore shared her love for Pauly Shore, calling the unexpected proposal a touching and memorable moment for both the studio audience and viewers.

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