Cole and Dylan Sprouse React to Messages that Gigi’s ‘Suite Life on Deck’ Pre-Order is Ready

Cole and Dylan Sprouse have gone viral this week as their dinner reservation date at Gigi’s is TODAY (November 16)!

For those who don’t know, on his Disney Channel show. Suite life on deck, the twins, like Zack and Cody, are in Italy and Cody wants to eat at Gigi’s restaurant, which is apparently the best in all of Italy. However, it turns out that they are sold out until November 16, 2023 at 7:30 p.m.

Now that the date is here, and leading up to it, both Cole and Dylan have been bombarded with messages reminding them of their booking, and each took to their Instagram stories to react to the many messages and comments.

Look how they reacted inside…

On his account, Dylan shared a photo of himself looking very stressed, with his hand on his head. He added many of the messages and comments he has been receiving for the photo. See it in the gallery!

Cole’s reaction was a little different, as he recorded his phone screen, scrolling through many of the likely thousands of DM requests on Instagram, reminding him of the reservation.

Disney Channel’s social media was also on notice, sharing a text reminder about the pre-order earlier in the week, followed by the clip of the scene. You can watch both and the full episode right here…

YouTube video

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