Coffee Talk Episode 2 Hibiscus & Butterfly Preview: New Drinks & Faces

very much expected Coffee Talk Episode 2: Hibiscus flowers and butterflies Set to release later this spring, it will bring new drinks and new faces. The sequel comes from Toge Productions, and the first one coffee talk released other popular games like free spaceand Chorus Worldwide, a publisher specializing in indie games. rant screen chance to play through a special demo Coffee Talk Episode 2 This includes the first four days of the cafe business.

For fans of laid-back games, Coffee Talk Episode 2 Definitely one of the most anticipated indie games of 2023. Episode 2 Bringing players back to the Seattle coffee shop they know and love, with some new twists, starting with stocked ingredients. Hibiscus Tea and Butterfly Pea Tea are two new options for making drinks, and both offer some new and colorful drink recipes for you to explore. New Item Drawers also add to the gameplay; Here, the player can store leftovers from the shop and give them to customers along with drinks — such as the postcard Freya left for Jorji — to continue the story.

Hibiscus and butterflyThe phone mechanism works just like the original coffee talk In the game, players can use the same four apps: Tomodachill, a social networking site, a handy Brewpad for making drinks, The Evening Whispers, filled with heartfelt columns, and Shuffld, used for storage music. In addition to a profile in the same style as the first title, Tomodachill now has a story page where characters will share status updates, adding a new dimension to the in-game story.

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With new characters and returning from the cafe, the game strikes a great balance between already-existing familiarity and new faces. coffee talkDear Freya is currently away – at least for the first four days Hibiscus and butterfly – Others like Jorji, Rachel, Aqua, Myrtle and Gala appear. It’s worth noting that Neil from the original cozy indie game is back without the spacesuit, now named Silver.

New role introduced Hibiscus and butterfly There are interesting stories to tell, some that begin to unfold within the first few days. An unlikely relationship begins to form between shy banshee Riona and outgoing influencer Lucas, who is trying to become a singer but doesn’t want to use online methods to expand his audience. mine. friendship. Another storyline is introduced around Amanda, a mysterious newcomer wearing an astronaut suit similar to the one Silver wore in the first game, and newspaper headlines about aliens and agents coming to find Amanda. hinting that there is much more left to be revealed.

Apparently the narrative style of the first visual novel is just as close coffee talk Appears in its sequel, presenting the perfect mix of new and ongoing stories. Changes to mechanics like the item drawer help add new elements to serving drinks to customers while still being subtle enough that players feel like they’re back in the same familiar place. It’s not clear how long the whole story will air, but the first four parts date Coffee Talk Episode 2: Hibiscus flowers and butterflies A strong setup for players to get the full experience in the game later this year.

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Source: Chorus Worldwide Games/YouTube

Coffee Talk Episode 2: Hibiscus flowers and butterflies It will be released on April 20 for PlayStation console, Xbox console and Steam. rant screen For the purposes of this preview, a Steam demo code is provided.

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