Star Trek IV Cut The First Look At Sulu’s Backstory

An important segment of Mr. Sulu (George Takei)’s plot has been planned for Star Trek IV: Journey Home, but this scene was never completed and was sadly cut from the film. Takei plays the role of Hikaru Sulu, the driver of the Enterprise. Star Trek: Original Series, Star Trek: Animated Seriesall six interstellar travel movies with participation Terms of Service throw.but Interstellar Travel IV’The moment that should have shed light on Sulu’s origins was gone.

exist Star Trek IV: Journey HomeSulu’s role is very perfunctory, similar to his previous assignments interstellar travel Movie: Klingon Raptor pilot, stolen by Admiral James T. Kirk (William Shatner), as if it were the Starship Enterprise. Sulu piloted the Klingon warbird nicknamed SS Bounty back to 1986 so Kirk and his crew could carry out their crazy plan to find two humpback whales in the 23rd century and bring them back. back to save the planet. Sulu goes to San Francisco with his group, but Takei doesn’t get the attention at the moment Sulu had planned.

Why ‘Star Trek 4’ Cuts Sulu’s Plot

Star Trek IV: Journey HomeThe original script included a scene in which Mr. Sulu met a boy in San Francisco in 1986 and realized that this was his great-grandfather. George Takei was happy to be included in this scene. However, when filming the scene where Sulu meets his ancestors, the boy hired to play the role didn’t perform well, and his domineering mother on the spot made matters worse. Unable to film that scene, the production team chose to give up and move on, Takei was touched. Takei wrote of this disappointment in his 1994 memoir, To the Stars: The Autobiography of George Takeias William Shatner did in his 1994 memoir, Star Trek movie memories.

Finally, the scene where Mr. Sulu meets his 20th century ancestors can be read from interstellar travel iv Because, while it was a beautiful moment for Enterprise train drivers, it didn’t shake interstellar travel ivThe story moves forward. Sulu then “borrowed” a helicopter to transport the transparent aluminum to the Klingon Raptor to build a hold for the whales, which is even more important to the story. But George Takei was still understandably disappointed that Sulu’s backstory was never mentioned interstellar travel front. In the movie, only Sulu attracts attention.”I was born here” When Kirk and his crew arrived in San Francisco.

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When Sulu became the captain in Star Trek VI, George Takei got his wish

Captain Sulu drinking tea aboard the Excelsior

exist Star Trek V: The Last FrontierAfter that, Mr. Sulu returned to the helm of the USS Enterprise-A, and he had little influence over the story of Cyberk’s (Lawrence Luckinbill) frantic journey to find God. Star Trek VI: Unexplored Realms This was an important turning point for George Takei and Mr. Sulu, who eventually promoted to captain and took command of Excelsior. Though he’s been dropped from the main action aboard the Enterprise, Sulu as the captain of his own spaceship is a long-awaited upgrade to Takei’s iconic character. Sulu and Excelsior also play an important role in helping Captain Kirk and the Enterprise save the galaxy one last time.

Since then, Captain Sulu’s character development and plot has become more classic Star Trek IV. Star Trek Generation Introduction Ensign Demora Sulu (Jacqueline King), daughter of Hikaru, pilot of the aircraft carrier USS Enterprise B. Captain Sulu also appears in the series. Interstellar Travel: The TravelerTakei voices Sulu’s return Star Trek: Downstairs. The disappointment of not seeing ancestors in Sulu Star Trek IV: Journey Home Nothing stands in the way of the icon’s legend.

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