Claire Lortie Wikipedia, Age, Affair, Wiki, Net Worth

Claire Lortie Wikipedia, age, infidelity, Wiki, net worth

Claire Lortie Wikipedia, Age, Affair, Wiki, Net Worth – You can assume that if you were caught red-handed chopping up your lover’s body and dumping the decomposing body on your lawn, you’d definitely be found guilty killing. But a case in Quebec might make you rethink your assumptions.

Claire Lortie Wikipedia, age, infidelity, Wiki, net worth

Claire Lortie, 33, comes from a wealthy Montreal family and is an attorney at 95 Boyer in St. Sauveur, started the shocking case in 1983 when she ordered a freezer from Sears in St. Louis on June 27. Jerome.

Instead, she chose one from Eaton’s in Montreal because they promised faster shipping because she needed it right away. She had an affair with her 37-year-old boyfriend Rodolphe Rousseau, 37, on July 13. He is a handyman who has some knowledge of swimming pools and is struggling financially.

There doesn’t appear to be any pictures of him posted. And none of his relatives ever commented on his unfortunate fate. To dig a hole in the house, Lortie hired a local contractor on July 17.

Lortie informed contractor Gérald Pagé that the excavation was for sewage. Although he knew it was fake, he still dug up to her request. The pit reminded him of a grave, he thought. Hole Digger Since the gallery Lortie is attached to recently lost several paintings, Pagé suspects that Lortie wants to bury the stolen property.

On July 21, Pagé discovered that the hole had been filled. Pagé informed her brother Jean, a policeman, about the pit. Jean, hoping to find the stolen property, obtains a search warrant to dig a hole. Instead, Rousseau, Lortie’s mistress, was found dead and mutilated in her brand-new Eaton Viking freezer. When Rousseau died is unknown, but it was caused by multiple blows to the head with a blunt object, possibly an ax head. Lortie told the court she dropped the bloody ax there.

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Police arrested Claire Lortie and charged her with murder. Rousseau was found dead when Lortie returned from an “urgent and important meeting,” according to her plea during her plea. She then used a circular saw to cut off Rosseau’s arm (still glued and held together by leather) before placing the body in the freezer.

The freezer was then loaded onto a truck by local workers hired by Lortie. She made them swear not to look inside. A 34-year-old man died of a heart attack a few weeks after the experiment began.

With only a crowbar, she moved the giant freezer from the car to the pit by herself. “In my panic, I took action to protect my family and kept quiet. No one could have predicted what they would do in a similar situation,” she said later.

Gabriel Lapointe, Lortie’s attorney, tried to disparage the victim in court by claiming that he was drunk, broke, and unreliable, but the judge dismissed that reasoning and was only allowed in certain circumstances. have a valid excuse. From October 3 to October 15, the refrigerator was placed in the courtroom during the trial. According to Lortie’s sister-in-law, this person said Lortie had thought about buying a refrigerator for a long time.

Judge Boilard told prosecutors he did not believe Lortie’s story. But he maintained his objectivity in his instructions to the jury. After deliberation for two days, a jury of eight men and four women found Lortie not guilty of murder on October 17, 1983.

On October 28, Lortie pleaded guilty to less serious charges of fraud, mutilating a dead person and obstructing justice. She received two years in prison.

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In an interview, Lortie expressed her happiness: “After all, I did not commit this crime. But I know that my life has changed forever. I have no more honor. The whole province cares about me. My story and everyone knows that I did something bad. No one can forget the face of the defendant, Claire Lortie.

She fought to be reinstated as a lawyer after being acquitted, but the bar association refused and she has not been heard from since. Gabriel Lapointe, Lortie’s attorney, later admitted to him over dinner that he won because someone in the police hierarchy owed him a favor when he was in charge of the crime. of Quebec, according to a book by veteran crime reporter Claude Poirier. At the age of 70, Lapointe died in 1999.

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