Christopher Nolan Reveals How Robert Pattinson Influenced ‘Oppenheimer’ & Why He’s Not It In

Robert Pattinson played a central role in Christopher Nolan‘s decision to pursue one of this summer’s biggest movies – Oppenheimer.

The acclaimed director is gearing up to drop the period film about J. Robert Oppenheimer (aka the “father of the atomic bomb”), which features a star-studded cast including Cillian Murphy, Matt Damon and Emily Blunt.

During a recent interview, he revealed that we partly have Robert to thank for the movie’s creation.

Knowing that, you might be wondering why the actor isn’t in the movie. Christopher had an explanation for that, too.

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Speaking to Tara Hitchcock, Christopher explained that Robert laid the seed that became the idea for Oppenheimer when they were working on 2020′s Tenet together.

“Yeah, Rob, off the back of Tenet, where we refer to Oppenheimer, and I had wrote a thing about this incredible moment that Oppenheimer and the scientist of the Manhattan Project had where they could not completely eliminate the possibility that when they triggered that first gadget, that first atomic device, they might start the chain reaction that would destroy the world,” he recalled.

Christopher continued, saying, “We used that as a metaphor for Tenet, which Rob was in. As a wrap gift, he gave me a book of Oppenheimer‘s speeches from the 1950s, where you’re reading these great intellects trying to deal with the massive consequences of the way in which they’ve changed life forever, for all of us.”

That was it for him.

“I really got hooked and got hooked on the story.”

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Why didn’t Robert land a role in the movie? There’s a simple reason for that. “He was busy,” Christopher explained. “He’s very much in demand these days.”

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