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Shortly after leaving the One Chicago series, Jesse Spencer has officially returned as Matt Casey in the new series of Chicago Fire season 11.

a new one big fire in chicago Season 11 images reveal the return of Jesse Spencer’s Matt Casey. It’s been less than a season since he officially left One Chicago, but the role has returned to Firehouse 51. Details about his return to the Windy City are scarce, but a photo recently confirmed he is reunited with his former colleagues.

Share on Twitter @caseysbrett is a screenshot from the behind-the-scenes photo big fire in chicago Season 11, Episode 18 stars Casey and Miranda Rae Mayo’s Stella Kidd.

As previously reported, Casey is back big fire in chicago Based on the sudden departure of Kelly Severide, season 11. Taylor Kinney took a personal sabbatical in the middle of the year, leading to NBC and Wolfe Entertainment retooling the show’s storytelling.

How Matt Casey’s Return Affects the Season 11 Chicago Fires

Brett and Kathy dance in the Chicago Fire

It’s currently unclear why Casey is returning to Firehouse 51. NBC and Wolf Entertainment pushed him aside with the idea that he could return at any time, but were unwilling to bring him back to the show. so early. This could be due to the ongoing Severide big fire in chicagoAbsent because it is uncertain when he will return to the show.

Whether Casey’s next return to Chicago will be just a cameo or a long stint in the series is yet to be confirmed. Given Severide’s situation, his return will be welcomed big fire in chicago absent. One thing’s for sure: Casey’s return will bring some changes, even drama, to Firehouse 51.

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Judging by the images, Casey seems to be back in her old firefighter outfit. He will likely work alongside Kidd, who takes his place as head of Truck 81. Not only that, it will be interesting to see how this affects his love life. What is Sylvie Brett like, especially when she first started dating after a previous breakup big fire in chicago Season 11.

source: @caseysbrett/Twitter

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