Chainsaw Man Just Introduced a Devil Fans Have Begged to See

Warning: Spoiler for Chapter 115 of The Saw Man

this chainsaw man The manga neatly introduces one of the most talked about demons in the series: the Death Demon. Although not fully revealed, the Death Demon is one of the most powerful, as it is perhaps the embodiment of mankind’s greatest fear. The mysterious character is said to be a member of the Four Horsemen, but it may play a larger role in the series.

exist chainsaw man, the devil is a creature that embodies human fear and is perpetuated by them. Each demon is unique and embodies a different philosophy: the more people fear, the more powerful the demon becomes. The main character of the series, Chainsaw Man, is an exception, as he is actually what the devil fears most, which makes Sawman incredibly powerful. The Chainsaw Man fought and destroyed many demons, including the Four Horsemen, a particularly powerful group based on the Christian theology of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse: Control, Famine, War, and Death. Of these, three have been introduced so far and death has yet to appear.

in Chapter 115 chainsaw man, Denji, along with Asa (owner of the Demon of War) and a group of students from their school, are trapped by famine in the Evil of Eternity, which is essentially a maze with no way out. After receiving orders from a mysterious organization, Yoshida Hirobumi, a high-ranking police demon hunter who disguised himself as a student of Chuanzhi school to protect Chuanzhi, approached Chuanzhi. Yoshida admitted that even he himself didn’t know how to get rid of the Evil of Eternity, and this time he made peace with death. Soon after, Yoshida asked Den Er if the Chainsaw Man would eat the Death Eaters for them.

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Dead devil can be chainsaw manStrongest Villain

This simple line really means a lot. When Chainsaw Man ate the Devil, he completely erased it and the memory of its existence. This happens with things like Nazis or nuclear weapons, they no longer exist in the world chainsaw manworld (only a few demons as powerful as Control and War remember them). Perhaps Yoshida was implying that if the chainsaw man ate the god of death completely, then death itself would have no concept, and their lives would be saved. However, dead demons can be stronger than their companion knights. While they were trapped in the Underworld, Denji and the rest of Team 4 encountered the Demon of Darkness, the most powerful character ever to appear in the series. As a primordial fear, the Demon of Darkness embodied fear naturally in the human subconscious, but so was the Demon of Death. After all, the thing that humans were born to fear most must be death, and the power of the deadly demons must be very strong.

Yoshida is a very mysterious character who seems to know more than he lets on. Therefore, his mention of the dead demon was certainly not coincidental. Although it is stated in the manga that the Chainsaw Man previously fought and defeated all four riders, in chapter 115, the Demon of Death is mentioned. chainsaw man It is thought that this creature will soon appear and it may be the strongest enemy Denji has ever faced.

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