Caroline Stanbury Is Criticized By Fans After She Accuses Chanel Ayan Of Stealing Her Bridal Thunder

Caroline Stanbury and Sergio Carrillo’s wedding was featured in the most recent episode of The Real Housewives of Dubai (RHODubai) Season 1. The episode opened with the couple’s pre-wedding reception, which featured a desert theme and a dress code of white. Stanbury asked all of her co-stars to the event, including Chanel Ayan, with whom she had disagreements at the start of the episode. Although they seemed to imply that everything was good between them, Stanbury’s response to Ayan’s outfit suggested otherwise.

Ayan showed off her couture with a cloak that Stanbury mistook for a veil. She and her companion made fun of Ayan for taking the bride’s thunder. Fans of RHODubai were not pleased with Stanbury’s reply.

What occurred in RHODubai during the confrontation between Stanbury and Ayan?

Fans reminded Caroline Stanbury through Twitter that Chanel Ayan is renowned for wearing couture and has always handled herself elegantly in large gowns. Ayan was caught aback when Stanbury accused her of dressing like a bride at her pre-wedding celebration. “Are you me?” Stanbury inquired of Ayan.

In response, Ayan complimented Stanbury, noting that he looked better than she did. Stanbury then stated that since Ayan was dressed in white with a trail behind her, her guests mistaken her for the bride. To add gasoline to the fire, Stanbury’s buddy interjected and made a joke at Ayan for the same reason. Although Ayan responded each time, she was clearly upset by the analogy. The identical conversation took again later when she joined the married couple for lunch with some of Stanbury’s friends.

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Fans condemn Stanbury’s charges and rally in favor of Ayan

Viewers chastised Stanbury for her actions, pointing out that she was being foolish since Ayan has a habit of wearing couture to all of her events.

Caroline hating on Ayan for DAYS is killing me!!! 😂😂😂😂😂😂 Not them calling it an upstage when my girl wears couture to EVERY event!!!!! #rhodubai

— Miss E (@HARAJUKU_CAKE) July 28, 2022

Anything Ayan would’ve worn would’ve upstaged Caroline S. #RHODubai #RHODubai

— Who dis? Proud Couch Potato (@MizNikki) July 28, 2022

Season 1 Episode 8 of RHODubai: A Quick Recap

The title of RHODubai Season 1 Episode 8 was Drama in the Sandbox, referring to a dispute between Sara Al Madani and Caroline Brooks. Brooks had to leave Stanbury’s pre-wedding celebration following an argument with Madani. She didn’t even show up to the couple’s wedding the next day. Nina Ali and Madani were the sole guests at Stanbury and Sergio’s wedding. However, Ayan and Lesa Milan joined the happy couple for lunch the next day, when things became unpleasant when the subject of children was brought up.

Chanel Ayan

Sergio made it apparent from the start that he wanted children with Stanbury, even after the latter attempted to explain the problems. Stanbury’s pregnancy with twins was declared life-threatening by her friends on RHODubai Episode 8. The attendees at lunch felt embarrassed continuing the topic since Sergio did not seem to comprehend the other side. Brooks, on the other hand, subsequently addressed her altercation with Madani and stated that she should have handled the matter differently. Only time will tell whether the two reconcile in future episodes.

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